Contract With Alpha Logan Chapter 69

Contract With Alpha Logan Chapter 69

Chapter 69 

Logan POV 

My Kylie was brilliant and courageous, just like I had expected my Luna to be

Shir informed me that Zoe had maneuvered her into going towards the Brownfur pack. She had opened her mind link with him and was in constant touch. Since I had inducted Shir and Fenris in my pack already, I could 

establish a mind link with them. Hence, it was easier for all of us to connect. As soon as Alpha Liam and Zoe 

captured Kylie, Shir had informed me

My pack members were furious when they found out that Alpha Liam of the Brownfur pack had abducted their Luna. Their Alpha had finally found his fated mate and married and marked her. She was the most important highranking member of the pack after me. It was different that I considered her higher than me. I loved my Luna. No, I worshiped her. And I was going to destroy the Brownfur pack to get her back

Even though I exerted pressure on Katy and gramps to stay behind during the battle against the Brownfur pack, they both refused to listen to me. I couldn’t be prouder of my family

Almost all my pack members had accompanied me, apart from the children and old women. Though my pack members had accompanied me in some of the dangerous wars earlier, this was the fiercest one. It was like a matter of honor for them

When we reached the border of the Brownfur pack, their warriors were taken by surprise. They closed the gate immediately, but my wolves broke the gate and entered their territory. I was leading them with Katy, Ace and grandfather by my side

The roads became stained with blood and lifeless bodies. The pack was filled with shrieks and chaos

Blaze was in a frenzy. He didn’t spare anyone who came in his way. I had never seen him this mad in all my life. His emotions resonated with mine. I promised myself that if I found Alpha Liam and Zoe, I would not kill them fast. I will kill them slowly and painfully

I opened my mind link and asked Shir if Kylie had contacted him

She hasn’t, Alpha Logan,he replied as he took a warrior down. Shir and Fenris were a fantastic team. They were mates, and they looked out for each other. Kylie couldn’t choose a better beta for her pack. I gritted my teeth, knowing that Graham was still controlling the two packs

All of a sudden, I heard Kylie through our mind link. The mate bond between us was palpable, and my heart raced with exhilaration as she tugged me through it. Kylie!I shouted through our mind link. Where are you? I can sense you!‘ 

Logan, I am in the west wing of the manor. In some guest room,she replied. 

Before I knew it, I shifted into my human form and rushed towards the west side of the pack. I am coming to that side, Kylie. Guide me.b 

Her excitement through our mind link was palpable. I wanted to reach her so fast that I crashed into wolves at the front gate of the manor. They were the guards. Five of them against me. I gave my sk*n to Blaze and in a display of his strength and brute power he slayed them all in less than five minutes. Just when he sank his teeth into the last guard, he saw someone familiar

Zoe was standing there, watching me intently. Blaze tossed the guard away as he growled at her. Dipping his bloodied maw, he glared at her. He peeled his l*ps back in a lethal snarl and walked towards her like a predator. She stood there, rooted to the spot

I asked Blaze to let me shift. With reluctance, he let me come out and I came to a stop in front of her. We meet,I growled. Where is Kylie?” 

She clenched her jaws and didn’t reply. Suddenly, from the corner of my eye, I saw movement. Three wolves attacked me at once. I tackled them as they tried to bite my flank and cripple me. But they didn’t know Blaze. I shifted again, and Blaze took over. He towered over them and easily killed them before they could even touch his fur. However, Zoe took advantage of it and ran away

Opening my mind link with Ace and Katy, I said, I want you both to come to the main door of the Alpha’s house!‘ 

We’ll be there in a minute!they replied

A few seconds later, I heard Shir through my mind. Alpha Graham has attacked us with his pack wolves from behind

Shock reverberated through my b*dy. What the f**k!‘ 

He’s a sneaky bastard, Alpha Logan! What should I do?‘ 

Stall him till you can! I have to get Kylie out of this place. Once I rescued Kylie and was in safe hands, I would tackle both Graham and Liam. But where was that bastard Liam

As I ran inside, I heard Ace and Katy coming behind me. Grandfather also accompanied them, along with a dozen more warriors. As we ran inside, we met with some warriors and omegas. While the omegas ran away screaming, the warriors fought with us

Blaze killed all of them in a haze of insanity. He just wanted to reach his mate. Kylie,I shouted through my mind link. ‘Where are you?‘ 

I am two floors up, Logan,she replied. There are four guards stationed outside the door.‘ 

Blaze veered left and climbed the staircase, running like a bullet shot from a gun. He picked up Kylie’s scent and reached the room. The guards stationed there were taken aback. They shifted into their wolves, but they were no match for me, my sister and Beta

I shifted and banged open the door. But the sight in front of me chilled the blood in my veins

Did you think it was so easy to take her out of here?Alpha Liam growled. He had twisted her arm behind her and slammed her to his chest with one hand as with the other he held a silver knife at her n*ck

Her eyes were filled with terror, which slammed right into my chest through the bond. How did this happen? Leave her,I growled back. If you leave her, I’ll kill you quickly. If you don’t, I’ll capture you and kill you slowly.” 

He cocked his eyebrow and laughed like a maniac. Alpha Logan, let’s talk business. I’ll make a deal with you. In exchange for Kylie, you give me your pack.” 

I asked those behind me to calm down. They were snarling and growling at Liam. I narrowed my eyes and said, My pack?” 

Yes,” he replied, taking a step back as he darted his eyes towards those behind me. Graham has attacked you from behind. He will soon defeat you.” 

I was pretty confused. When he was so sure that Graham would defeat me, why was he with Kylie with this bargain? Shouldn’t he be with Zoe? What was going on? But it took a second for me to realize that he was buying time. You think Graham is so strong that he can defeat me?I said. Let’s play the game

He can’t,Kylie breathed. Because my pack members aren’t supporting Graham. They have revolted against him. It’s only his pack members who are with him.” 

We were all completely surprised by her words

I recovered instantly and, to add pressure, I added, And guess what? My cousin from the Norse pack has attacked Graham from behind!” 

Liam’s jaw dropped as he stared at me with shock. YOU.. 


e lying,” 

he hissed. I’ll kill her if you take one step 

You won’t!I hissed back, taking a menacing step towards him

Before my mind could grasp the situation, Kylie swiftly seized Liam’s hand with the knife and forcefully twisted it behind his back. Next, she kicked his groin. He groaned in pain as he tried to get out of her grasp. But she was quicker. She grabbed a marble statue from the side and slammed it right into his chest. We heard bones cracking

Alpha Liam fell to the floor, letting out expletives

Phew!Kylie rasped as I gaped at my Luna with awe

Contract With Alpha Logan (Kylie and Alpha Logan) by Misha K

Contract With Alpha Logan (Kylie and Alpha Logan) by Misha K

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: April 29, 2024 Native Language: English

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  • (Kylie and Alpha Logan)

Kylie stood by quietly, observing as her husband k*sses his high school sweetheart, Zoe, during their two-year wedding anniversary party. Despite his reassurances, Kylie can’t shake the feeling that Zoe’s presence threatens her marriage. Trapped and suffocated, Kylie longs for freedom, even contemplating ending her life. But the Moon Goddess has other plans for Kylie. Fate intervenes when she crosses paths with Alpha Logan, the most powerful Alpha in North America. He offers her revenge against Zoe and her husband in exchange for becoming his Luna for a year. As Kylie grapples with this dangerous proposition, she is drawn to the enigmatic Alpha. Will she agree to the contract, and what will happen as her attraction to Alpha Logan intensifies?

Contract With Alpha Logan by Misha K

Contract With Alpha Logan by Misha K

When Graham’s father, Alpha Johan, urged him to get married, his first choice was obviously Zoe. But she refused him at that point in time, saying that she was in love with Alpha Liam of the Brownfur pack. She broke up with Graham and went into the arms of Alpha Liam. At that time, I had just finished college. A vivacious twenty-two-year-old me sensed Alpha Graham as my mate in a small party, which my father threw for my success. Alpha Johan was ecstatic, and so was my father.

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