Dumping Ex and Spoiled by Mr. Hopkins by Amber Apple Chapter 10

Dumping Ex and Spoiled by Mr. Hopkins by Amber Apple Chapter 10

Chapter 10: The Most Sh… 

Chapter 10: The 

Most Shameful 


Grayson glanced over at Madame Elizabeth, catching 

her sly smile. He smirked

Thanks, Grandma, I owe 

you one.” 

Quit it!Madame Elizabeth shot him an impatient look and then grinned, This ain’t for you; it’s just to meet my greatgrandkid ASAP.‘ 

Grayson casually blinked, hiding the intensity in his 




Chapter 10: The Most Sh… 

eyes. Grandma, let’s make

deal. She will be your future granddaughterinlaw, and you can’t change your mind no matter what happens.” 

You know, the one thing I always count on is my gut feeling,Madame Elizabeth said, And you, you might 

need to work harder on 

winning her over. I can tell she’s not really feeling anything special for you.” 

And that was precisely Grayson’s biggest headache

With his own conditions, countless women pursued 




Chapter 10: The Most Sh… 

him like he was a rare gem

Yet, Lexie always remained indifferent, showing no 

romantic interest, making him inexplicably 

selfdoubtful. k

Grandma, can you give me 

some advice?” 

If you want to pursue her, you need to show a hundred percent sincerity.Madame Elizabeth said earnestly

Lower your posture, take 

the initiative, be considerate, and most importantly, be consistent. If you dare to 

mistreat her, I won’t spare 




Chapter 10: The Most Sh… 


Grayson couldn’t help but laugh, We haven’t even 

started, and you’re already 


What’s wrong about that? I really like that girl!Madame 

Elizabeth thought of Lexie, and a smile unconsciously appeared on her face. She 

noticed Grayson’s 

movement and quickly 

asked, Where are you 


Grayson’s l*ps curved into

meaningful smile, Take the initiative, as you wish.” 




Chapter 10: The Most Sh… 

Lexie was heading to the hospital room when, out of the blue, she bumped into Jillian, Callum’s sister

Jillian seemed to have been 

waiting for her, as she 

blocked Lexie’s path back to 

the room

Jillian shot Lexie a mean look and said, Seriously

Lexie? I thought you’d wise 

up and move on. Still 

hanging around, huh? Acting all sick won’t make my 

brother like you. Just a tip

he’s not into some slut 




Chapter 10: The Most Sh… 

everyone can get.” 

Say that again!Lexie’s face turned cold in an instant,

touch of fierceness flashing in her gaze

Seeing Lexie act differently 

from her usual submissive 

self, Jillian couldn’t help but react. She continued, Did I hit a nerve or something

You break up with my brother, and the next thing

know, you’re ready with 

other men. If that’s not being 

a slut, what is?” 

Seeing Lexie remain silent

she added, Don’t think




Chapter 10: The Most Sh… 

don’t know why you 

disappeared for no reason at that night. My brother told me everything!” 

At these words, the blood 

drained from Lexie’s face, leaving only paleness. Her eyes trembled violently

She balled up her fists, digging her nails into her palms, but it was like she couldn’t even feel the pain. Her whole b*dy was shaking, like she was going through something really tough

It was the most shameful 

night of her life and an 




Chapter 10: The Most Sh… 

eternal scar in her heart that 

could never recover

This was supposed to be just 

between her and Callum. He 

swore nob*dy else would 

ever know

But in an instant, he revealed her secret to Jillian. When 

did promises become so cheap in this world

It was as if Lexie’s chest got cracked wide open with

blunt knife, and this intense

dizzying pain spread 

through her, making it tough 

to breathe




Chapter 10: The Most Sh… 

Looking at Lexie’s pale face, Jillian thought she had pinpointed a vulnerability and couldn’t help but gain some confidence. Lexie, let me lay it out for you. If it 

wasn’t for your constant pursuit of my brother and the perfectly timed breakup with Abbie, he wouldn’t have 

even noticed you! Seriously

take a good look at yourself” 





Dumping Ex and Spoiled by Mr. Hopkins by Amber Apple

Dumping Ex and Spoiled by Mr. Hopkins by Amber Apple

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: May, 03, 2023 Native Language: English

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Lexie Baily, granddaughter of a New York tycoon, dated Callum Wallace for three years only to have her genuine love betrayed. Callum saw her as a poor small-town girl, and on their wedding day, he left her for the love of his life, Abbie! After a decisive breakup, Lexie reclaimed her position as the heiress, inheriting a multi-billion-dollar fortune, and started living her best life. But, of course, there were always jerks popping up to annoy her! While she's dealing with those jerks, THE Mr. Hopkins chimed in, clapping and saying, "You nailed it, wifey! Awesome job!" Lexie retorted, "Don't call me that!" Grayson Hopkins leaned on the bed, his moves smooth and enticing, "Evidence here-still gonna pretend it didn't happen?"

Dumping Ex and Spoiled by Mr. Hopkins by Amber Apple



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