Dumping Ex and Spoiled by Mr. Hopkins by Amber Apple Chapter 14

Dumping Ex and Spoiled by Mr. Hopkins by Amber Apple Chapter 14


Chapter 14: Beating Her Face to a Pulp 

At Kaitlynn’s urging, Lexie briefly recounted her 

encounter with Grayson at the hospital, as well as the drama involving Callum and 


Fortunately, Kaitlynn’s attention was diverted by 

Callum and Abbie. “These 

two are really nauseating! If it were me, I’d beat her face 

to a pulp!” 

“Hopefully, this time she’ll learn from her mistakes,” 

Lexie said, her eyes turning icy. 

She didn’t plan on wasting much time and energy on 

Abbie. However, if Abbie 

didn’t take her words 

seriously, Lexie wouldn’t 

mind teaching her another 


She was never a good girl. 

Kaitlynn nodded in 

agreement, “But letting 

Callum off the hook like this 

is hard to swallow!” 

“So?” Lexie looked at her 


“I’m pulling out my investment!” Kaitlynn 

casually stated, “I only invest in the Wallace Group 

because of you. Since they 

turned their backs on us, 

why should I play the game by the rule?” 

“At least you should have 

discussed it with me before 

making such a decision,” 

Lexie said, “The West Bay 

project has potential for growth. Suddenly 

withdrawing your 

investment means losing 

tens of millions! It’s your 

money! Girl!” 

Feigning a heartbroken expression, Kaitlynn ran to 

Lexie, “Tens of millions, 

darling! My heart is 

bleeding. You better 

compensate me well.” 

“Why should I compensate you? It’s you who didn’t talk 

to me…” 

While laughter echoed on 

one side, Callum wore a 

serious expression in his 


The West Bay project was the Wallace Group’s major endeavor in recent years, and few in the company had supported it initially. 

To push the project forward, Callum had faced numerous 

challenges, engaging in 

social events to attract 

investments. Now, at a 

critical point in the project, withdrawal of funds was a 

fatal blow. 

“I don’t care how you make 

it, just make sure to contact the Lara family as quickly as possible!” Callum’s voice . 

carried a hint of icy resolve. 

The assistant on the other 

end of the phone responded, “Yes, Mr. Wallace.” 

After hanging up, Callum 

took a deep breath and 

returned to the hospital 


Inside the room, Melina 

sighed as she looked at the 

wound on Abbie’s forehead. 

“She’s truly a rude, 

uneducated country girl, unable to change her rough and barbaric nature. Luckily, Callum broke up with her. If 

she married into our Wallace  

family, who knows how 

many scandals she would 

have caused!” 

Callum overheard his 

mother’s words and 

furrowed his brows slightly. 

Abbie noticed Callum’s 

expression and, with a 

pitiable look, said, “No, this is my fault. I shouldn’t have appeared at this time, 

causing misunderstandings 

between you and Lexie. I 

shouldn’t have affected their 


“It’s not your concern,” 

Callum interrupted her, 

taking an apple being peeled by his mother. He explained calmly, “The wedding was a 

deal based on mutual 

benefits. Even without your 

presence, it wouldn’t have lasted long.” 

“With her background, she’s not worthy of the Wallace family. It’s just that Callum is 

kind-hearted and couldn’t 

bear to refuse her, 

succumbing to her persistent pursuit,” Melina spoke of Lexie with evident disgust. 

From the start, she had 

disapproved of Callum 

marrying Lexie, but Callum 

seemed determined, and she 

became the subject of gossip 

among the elite circles for a 


Abbie, with drooping eyes and a tearful appearance, like a battered white flower, 

evoked sympathy, “When my dad got wrongly accused, worried I’d get caught up, he shipped me off overseas overnight. I didn’t realize was messing with Callum’s true feelings and indirectly hurting Lexie. I owe Callum big, but I just couldn’t quit my feelings for him after all 

these years…” 


Dumping Ex and Spoiled by Mr. Hopkins by Amber Apple

Dumping Ex and Spoiled by Mr. Hopkins by Amber Apple

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Lexie Baily, granddaughter of a New York tycoon, dated Callum Wallace for three years only to have her genuine love betrayed. Callum saw her as a poor small-town girl, and on their wedding day, he left her for the love of his life, Abbie! After a decisive breakup, Lexie reclaimed her position as the heiress, inheriting a multi-billion-dollar fortune, and started living her best life. But, of course, there were always jerks popping up to annoy her! While she's dealing with those jerks, THE Mr. Hopkins chimed in, clapping and saying, "You nailed it, wifey! Awesome job!" Lexie retorted, "Don't call me that!" Grayson Hopkins leaned on the bed, his moves smooth and enticing, "Evidence here-still gonna pretend it didn't happen?"

Dumping Ex and Spoiled by Mr. Hopkins by Amber Apple



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