Dumping Ex and Spoiled by Mr. Hopkins by Amber Apple Chapter 15

Dumping Ex and Spoiled by Mr. Hopkins by Amber Apple Chapter 15


Chapter 15: Wallace Doesn’t 

Owe You a Thing 

As Abbie spoke, tears rolled 

down her face. Because of 

me, she lost Callum. Not to 

mention being harmed by her, I’m willing to kneel down if it means getting Callum back. I’m willing to do anything.” 

Seeing the tearstreaked face of Abbie, Callum felt a sharp 

pain in his heart

He quickly embraced Abbie

wiping away her tears

You’re not the one at fault

Don’t say that.” 

Melina, witnessing the 

intimate scene between the 

two, couldn’t help but smile

She quietly left the room when Jillian rushed in. Mom-” 

The moment Jillian saw her mother, it was as if she had 

found a lifeline. She threw 

herself into her mother’s 

arms. You have to help me!” 

What’s going on?!Melina, spotting Jillian’s swollen face.. 

instantly switched to

concerned look, cupping her daughter’s face and asking, Who did this to you?” 

Jillian skipped her earlier taunts towards Lexie, and detailed how Lexie not only 

hit her but also tried to kill 

her. Mom, not only did she hit me, but she also tried to 

throw me off the fifteenth 

floor balcony. If it wasn’t for the witnesses there, you 

wouldn’t see me now.” 

Why would you provoke her in the first place?” 

Callum scolded

Thinking of Lexie’s 

indifferent attitude before

his expression turned a bit 


Cal, I’m your sister!Jillian retorted tearfully, I was the one who got beaten, and almost thrown off the 

balcony. How can you blame me?” 

Callum snorted, She could 

have hit me, but she chose to 

hit you! Why? Because 

you’re smarter?” 

Mom, do something! Cal is so mean to me!Jillian stood 

in place, stomping her foot

clinging to Melina’s arm like a spoiled child. I don’t care; she must apologize to me!” 

She had to get back at Lexie; otherwise, she couldn’t 

swallow this humiliation

Melina gently caressed Jillian’s swollen face, her eyes gradually filled with 


She never liked Lexie from 

the beginning, disapproving 

of her background and upbringing. She couldn’t 

stand Lexie’s unclear

arrogant demeanor

She thought that leaving the 

Wallace family, Lexie would 

learn to behave. Little did 

she know that Lexie not only 

remained the same but 

became even more 

audacious, directly laying hands on Jillian. It was as if Lexie didn’t scare the 

Wallace family at all

Let’s go! I want to see who gave her the courage to hit 

you!Melina marched 

angrily towards Lexie’s ward 

with Jillian

Kaitlynn left the ward after a call, leaving Lexie alone

Suddenly, a loud noise from 

the door caught Lexie’s 


Turning her head, she saw Melina and Jillian standing at the doorway

Her eyes narrowed, a chilly 

expression covered her 

delicate face, You’re not 

welcome here. Please leave!” 

Lexie, who gave you the 

audacity to talk to me like this?Melina, with her Birkin bag slung over her shoulder

walked into Lexie’s ward 

with an air of superiority

She looked Lexie up and.. 

down, her eyes filled with strong disdain. Did you slap Jillian?!” 


Dumping Ex and Spoiled by Mr. Hopkins by Amber Apple

Dumping Ex and Spoiled by Mr. Hopkins by Amber Apple

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: May, 03, 2023 Native Language: English

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Lexie Baily, granddaughter of a New York tycoon, dated Callum Wallace for three years only to have her genuine love betrayed. Callum saw her as a poor small-town girl, and on their wedding day, he left her for the love of his life, Abbie! After a decisive breakup, Lexie reclaimed her position as the heiress, inheriting a multi-billion-dollar fortune, and started living her best life. But, of course, there were always jerks popping up to annoy her! While she's dealing with those jerks, THE Mr. Hopkins chimed in, clapping and saying, "You nailed it, wifey! Awesome job!" Lexie retorted, "Don't call me that!" Grayson Hopkins leaned on the bed, his moves smooth and enticing, "Evidence here-still gonna pretend it didn't happen?"

Dumping Ex and Spoiled by Mr. Hopkins by Amber Apple



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