Dumping Ex and Spoiled by Mr. Hopkins by Amber Apple Chapter 3

Dumping Ex and Spoiled by Mr. Hopkins by Amber Apple Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Wrapped Around Her Waist 

Lexie’s mind was blank, and her legs felt as heavy as lead, making it impossible for her to move

The car zoomed past her like black lightning bolt

A powerful gust of wind lifted Lexie off her feet and threw her to the ground

She had expected the black car to seize the opportunity and leave, especially since there was no one around, and escaping would leave no evidence

Unexpectedly, the car turned back, eventually stopping in front of Lexie

The car door opened, revealing a pair of handcrafted black leather shoes. Long, straight legs took deliberate strides towards Lexie, and a black umbrella tilted to shield her from the pouring rain

Are you okay?Grayson’s deep voice gradually became clear in Lexie’s ears

Lexie looked up to see a man with sharp eyes and a defined jawline. His facial features were handsome, especially his deep black eyes that seemed to hold a mysterious allure

Those eyesShe felt like she had seen them somewhere before

But she couldn’t recall where

Lexie shook her head, her soft voice sounding hoarse, I’m good, thank you” 

Struggling to stand up, her scraped legs and scratched feet caused her to wince in pain, and she stumbled back down

Just when her knees were about to k*ss the land again, a strong arm wrapped around her waist, pulling her into an embrace

Lexie was embraced in Grayson’s arms, enveloped instantly in his cologne, cedar wood scent

Her hands instinctively pressed against his chest, feeling the welldefined muscles beneath his clothes. Even through the fabric, she could sense the hardness of his muscles

Lexie felt her palms heat up, and she pushed against Grayson, wanting to free herself. But she failed, instead, he lifted her horizontally

What do you think you’re doing! Let me go!exclaimed Lexie. What was wrong with this man

Even though she had been with Callum for three years, their relationship was limited to holding hands. The sudden intimacy with a total stranger made her uneasy

Grayson lowered his gaze, his eyes meeting Lexie’s and his voice calm. You’re injured, and you need to see the doctor.” 

I can walk by myself, really.The skincontact made Lexie uncomfortable. The man’s icy breath surrounded her, as if enclosing her from all sides, making her feel strangely tense

Don’t move.” The man’s deep voice carried an unquestionable command, instantly quelling all of Lexie’s struggles

As she was placed into the car, the cold wind that greeted her made Lexie sneeze

Grayson reached over to close the window, glancing at Lexie’s slender figure. He then took off his coat and draped it over her, saying, Be careful not to catch a cold.” 

Thank you.The coat not only carried Grayson’s scent but also retained his warmth, creating an 


Chapter & Wrapped Around Her Waist 

inexplicable flutter in Lexie’s heart


eyes caught the blush on her cheek, and he cracked a brief smile. Actually, I should be thanking 


What?Lexie looked at Grayson

He looked at her straight up, and in this chill tone, he said, Thanks for forgiving me and letting me fix things.” 

The car sped away, eventually reaching the nearest hospital

Lexie insisted on walking by herself, and Grayson patiently accommodated her limping steps until he escorted her to the emergency room

When she emerged from the emergency room, she saw Grayson with his back turned, engaged in conversation with someone. Spotting her, he quickly hung up and walked towards her, handing her


business card. This is my contact information. If you have any problems, just let me know.” 

I don’t have any additional requests.Lexie politely declined the business card. Once the matter was resolved, there should be no further entanglements. Getting involved unnecessarily was something she disliked

Pausing for a moment, she handed him her coat. Thanks for the coat. I’ll cover the drycleaning expenses.” 

Grayson looked at the coat, his eyebrows slightly raised. In his eyes, a soft smile emerged, You need it more than I do right now.” 

Just a simple sentence, yet somehow it made Lexie’s eyes getting wet again

It must be because she was deeply hurt today. Otherwise, why would she be moved by a stranger’s casual words

Thank you, I’m fine. I’ll go now.Lexie refused Grayson’s offer. Right now, she needed to return to the Wallace family to deal with something very important. to deal with something 

Standing in place, Grayson watched the slender figure walking away. In his black eyes, a glimmer of light flashed, We will meet again.” 


Dumping Ex and Spoiled by Mr. Hopkins by Amber Apple

Dumping Ex and Spoiled by Mr. Hopkins by Amber Apple

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Lexie Baily, granddaughter of a New York tycoon, dated Callum Wallace for three years only to have her genuine love betrayed. Callum saw her as a poor small-town girl, and on their wedding day, he left her for the love of his life, Abbie! After a decisive breakup, Lexie reclaimed her position as the heiress, inheriting a multi-billion-dollar fortune, and started living her best life. But, of course, there were always jerks popping up to annoy her! While she's dealing with those jerks, THE Mr. Hopkins chimed in, clapping and saying, "You nailed it, wifey! Awesome job!" Lexie retorted, "Don't call me that!" Grayson Hopkins leaned on the bed, his moves smooth and enticing, "Evidence here-still gonna pretend it didn't happen?"

Dumping Ex and Spoiled by Mr. Hopkins by Amber Apple



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