Dumping Ex and Spoiled by Mr. Hopkins by Amber Apple Chapter 4

Dumping Ex and Spoiled by Mr. Hopkins by Amber Apple Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Callum, We’re Over

Limping into the new house, which Lexie once pictured as the beginning of a new chapter with Callum, she looked around this place. Taking in the emptiness of the room, she knew she’d be the only one coming back tonight

She eyed the pink and silver wedding balloons on the door, tearing them down without hesitation

The dreamy wedding decorations irked her, so she decided to clean up the mess. At last, Lexie’s attention landed on a wedding photo of her and Callum

She stared at it, the pain in her eyes giving way to indifference. Without a second thought, she grabbed scissors and punctured the picture of their smiling faces

After erasing all traces, Lexie sat alone on the couch. From dusk till dawn, she felt her head grow heavy, and then she heard movement at the door

Unlike previous happy reunions, Lexie remained seated quietly this time

Callum, noticing Lexie’s unapologetic expression, wearily sat on the couch and rubbed his temples, Get me a glass of water.” 

Lexie scoffed, “Callum, we’re over!” 

Her words were firm, leaving no room for doubt

Callum, with a deep gaze, looked at her

Lexie gazed at him, a hint of irony in her smile, Why that face? The moment you left me at our wedding and even on Abbie’s return, you already had this plan, didn’t you?” 

Callum picked up a box of cigarettes from the table, pulled one out, lit it, and took a deep drag

After a moment of silence, he said in a cold voice, Separation is the best choice. Your misunderstanding of Abbie runs too deep, and continuing this will only hurt Abbie further.” 

Lexie stared at him, mocking, I’m just so curious, what wouldn’t you do for Abbie!” 

Callum extinguished the cigarette, a hint of impatience in his expression, I tried shaking off Abbie from my mind for three years, but matters of the love don’t work that way. I hope you can forgive me, and don’t take it out on Abbie; she’s innocent in all of this.” 

Lexie burst into laughter upon hearing his words

Three years together, she thought her love could change a person, and her passion could warm his heart

For him, she sacrificed, risking estrangement from her family. Yet, all she got in the end was a dismissive love don’t work that way.‘ 

Callum looked at the seemingly mad Lexie, frowned, and felt a brief pang in his heart, There’s a million in this card, enough for you to live peacefully in the countryside.” 

A million bucks? That’s what he figured three years with her was worth

But little did he know, Lexie couldn’t care less about that million

Callum, I’m by your side because of you, not because of the Wallace name, wealth, or the whole Mrs. Wallace thing. I’m not interested in any of that,she declared, her face seemed covered in a layer of 


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I won’t entertain apologies or makeup gestures from you! Just know, reconciliation isn’t in the cards for us! With that, she rose, head held high, and walked determinedly toward the exit

As she confidently walked away, Callum felt this weird pull at his heart. His breath caught, and his hand just reached out on its own

Dumping Ex and Spoiled by Mr. Hopkins by Amber Apple

Dumping Ex and Spoiled by Mr. Hopkins by Amber Apple

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Lexie Baily, granddaughter of a New York tycoon, dated Callum Wallace for three years only to have her genuine love betrayed. Callum saw her as a poor small-town girl, and on their wedding day, he left her for the love of his life, Abbie! After a decisive breakup, Lexie reclaimed her position as the heiress, inheriting a multi-billion-dollar fortune, and started living her best life. But, of course, there were always jerks popping up to annoy her! While she's dealing with those jerks, THE Mr. Hopkins chimed in, clapping and saying, "You nailed it, wifey! Awesome job!" Lexie retorted, "Don't call me that!" Grayson Hopkins leaned on the bed, his moves smooth and enticing, "Evidence here-still gonna pretend it didn't happen?"

Dumping Ex and Spoiled by Mr. Hopkins by Amber Apple



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