I’m Divorcing with You Mr Billionaire! Chapter 11

I’m Divorcing with You Mr Billionaire! Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Chapter Eleven 

The cold night air hit my face as we both burst out of the door and the hairs on my arm stood erect. I was still grappling with the information that the bar owner was the one I had seen in my Villa

I had every right to call the police on him right now and maybe get this place searched. I mean, he had a gun that day but I had no evidence. I shivered, shak- ing the feeling that swept through me as I remembered the feel of the metal be- hind my back

Still lost in my thoughts, Mark pushed me into the car. He hastily and roughly fixed the seat belt around me as though I was some kid he needed to take home with immediacy

Where are you taking me?!I clumsily pulled at the belt as I threw the question at his moving figure. He went around the car. The car slightly shook as he climbed in and slammed the door closed

His face was set straight, staring ahead as he blatantly ignored all the ques- tions I threw at him

Where are you taking me, Mark?!I asked deadpan

I’m taking you home! We’re going home!He yelled

Just then, his phone lit up and the seat I was in vibrated. Bellawas the name on display

I noticed that he stopped moving and I looked up to find his eyes on me. We were like that for several second, the vibrating hum of the phone the only sound 

in the car 

I broke whatever trance we were both in and scoffed, Do you need me to get 

out of the car?” 

He did his favorite thing since I’ve known him; he ignored me. He snatched the 



Chapter 11 Chapter Eleven 

phone and fumbled with it for a while before he finally picked the call. He put 

the phone on speaker

I wondered why and rolled my eyes. To spite me

For a man that had his wits about him and was raving mad Just a moment ago

he sure was acting awkward


My head whipped to his face at the sound that came out of his m*uth. I didn’t think I had ever heard Mark speak so softly. It was almost like a breathless whis- per. Wow. This was more than I thought it was. He was seriously whipped

MarkBella’s weak voice boomed through the phone’s speaker

Are you okay?Mark half rose from his seat, his back rod straight

I’m not, Mark,her response was accompanied by a sob. I just woke up. I was 

unconscious for a while and there was no one to tend to me.” 

Mark met my eyes then quickly looked away

Look, Bel. I’m-” 

Bel!I scoffed, interrupting him

Are you with someone?Her voice suddenly sounded like steel

Bel, I’m busy. Can you reach your phone? Call the emergency num-he was ex- plaining softly but Bella’s cries interrupted him

Mark. You have to come!She whined. I’m all alone in this lonely house and 

my ch*st hurts. I can barely breath,her breathing suddenly sounded raspy. Please, Mark. I need you here.She added after a second’s silence, I want you 

here. I want you to be the one to take me to the hospital.” 


What if I die here before the ambulance gets here?!Her voice was sharp. Are you already tired of me? Have you found another girl.” 

Shh. I’ll never tire of you.” 



Chapter 11 Chapter Eleven 

Then come! Promise me you’ll be here.” 

Mark ran fingers through his hair and let out a deep sigh. I’ll be at your door inhe trailed off as he checked his watch. Give me ten minutes.” 

Hurry babe. I feel like I’m dying. Your presence and arms around me will make a huge difference.” 

Sure. I’ll be there. Just hang on.” 

He had barely ended the call when I let out a loud hiss and removed the seat belt from around me. I turned to open the door, but Mark’s hand on my shoulder 

stopped me

Come on. Stay. Let’s go see Bella together.” 

Was this a joke?! I whirled around. Over my dead b*dy!I spat in his face

He flinched back, seeming surprised. She’s your sister! And she is sick.” 

I met his gaze head on, She might as well be dying,I gritted out. I don’t want to be involved in your sick and twisted relationship.” 

This isn’t about our relationship or differences. This is about your sister’s 


I fully turned to him but my hand was still on the car’s doorknob. “You know the world doesn’t revolve around you two, right? No one wants to see your disgust- 

ing loving dovey acts.” 

His phone lit up and Bella’s call came in again. His hand left my shoulder as he immediately picked up the call and that was my cue to leave

I stepped out of the car. Through the car’s winded down mirror, I saw him trap the phone between his ear and shoulder and simultaneously inserted the key in 

the ignition

A few seconds later, he dropped his phone and faced me, his hands were al- ready gripping the steering wheel, ready to zoom off to his lover

This Sunday is your father’s birthday party. Wait for me at home, we’ll leave to- 



Chapter 11 Chapter Eleven 

gether!He finished. Then he wound up his mirror and sped off

I watched in annoyance, irritation and disgust as his car swiftly disappeared in- to the dark of the night

Get lost you asshole!I flinched as Grace’s shout suddenly resounded in the night. I couldn’t stop the grin that marred my l*ps as she came forward and con- tinued to curse at him

You’re disgusting! Go on. Go to your lover’s bed!Grace screamed into the night. By now, Mark’s car was just a tiny light at the end of the tunnel

Relax, girl,I giggled and shook my head, he definitely cannot hear you.” 

He can,she murmured, then turned to me, concern filled her eyes. Are you 


I scoffed, Why won’t I be?” 

Don’t be fooled by his sweet talks, okay? He’ll only break your heart.” 

I laughed, Mark doesn’t sweet talk.I remembered the way he had gone mel- 

low when he was speaking with Bella. At least not with me,I added. So your 

don’t have to get all sentimental. There’s no way he would break my heart with 

his sneers and shouts.” 

Then he should keep sneering.” 

We both laughed. She wove her arms around my shoulder and we both strut- 

ted back toward the entrance of the bar

Grace sighed by my side, her warm breath softly tickled my ear. It’s a pity, we didn’t get to see that handsome Italian guy again.” 

HmmI murmured

Then she chirped, an hopeful rise to her tone, But it doesn’t matter. I asked the bartender about him and he said the guy owns this bar so we’ll definitely see 

him if we frequent here.” 

I skidded to a stop almost causing Grace to stumble forward. I had been half lis- 



Chapter 11 Chapter Eleven 

tening to her talk about the Italian guy but my ears had perked up when she said he owned the bar

I turned to her, excitement built in me, overshadowing the glint of fear. The Ital- ian guy is the owner of the bar?” 

Grace bobbed her head, Yes, what’s up?” 

I got his card,I blurted without any preamble

Shut up!Grace’s eyes widened and she drew back

I’m serious,my heart was beating faster than normal and my hands shook

whether from excitement or fear, I couldn’t fathom

My shaky hands slid to my skirt’s back pocket and I pulled it out. Are you talk- 

ing about this owner?” 

Together we examined the card. Luigi Matteo. His name, an Italian name, was 

right there along with his contact information

The look of disbelief on Grace’s face as she gasped caused my heart to swell with pride

Babe,she drawled loudly and punched me lightly on the shoulder. I wobbled 

back a little, grinning. How did you pull that?” 

Yeah, how did I pull that? No. The question should be how did he pull that?‘ 

I shrugged, my l*ps curled into a smug smile

I underestimated you, girl. You still have it in you, huh?She wiggled her 

brows, Hooking such a handsome hunk so quickly.” 

I giggled as she put her arm back around my shoulder and pulled us toward 

the bar. Now let’s go see if your catch is still in there.” 

My steps were hesitant. Grace was this excited because she didn’t know what

knew. I wondered, as we strolled back in there, if I should tell Grace what had 

happened the first time I met Luigi. How he had pressed his gun at my back 

and made me take care of his bullet wound but I decided against it



Chapter 11 Chapter Eleven 

Though I made a mental note to always stay alert. For me and for Grace. He might seem like an ordinary guy who owned a striving bar but he was much 

more. An ordinary bar owner wouldn’t be sporting a bullet wound or breaking in- to people’s houses and scaring them with a gun

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I’m Divorcing with You Mr Billionaire! (Sydney and Mark)

I’m Divorcing with You Mr Billionaire! (Sydney and Mark)

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I'm Divorcing with You Mr Billionaire! by The Wine Press Novel Read Online

I received a pornographic video. "Do you like this?" The man speaking in the video is my husband, Mark, whom I haven't seen for several months. He is n*ked, his shirt and pants scattered on the ground, thrusting forcefully on a woman whose face I can't see, her plump and round breasts bouncing vigorously. I can clearly hear the slapping sounds in the video, mixed with lustful moans and grunts. "Yes, yes, f**k me hard, baby," the woman screams ecstatically in response. "You naughty girl!" Mark stands up and fl*ps her over, slapping her buttocks as he speaks. "Stick your ass up!" The woman giggles, turns around, sways her buttocks, and kneels on the bed. I feel like someone has poured a bucket of ice water on my head. It's bad enough that my husband is having an affair, but what's worse is that the other woman is my own sister, Bella.

I'm Divorcing with You Mr Billionaire! by The Wine Press

************************************************************************************************************************ “I want to get a divorce, Mark,” I repeated myself in case he didn't hear me the first time—even though I knew he'd heard me clearly. He stared at me with a frown before answering coldly, "It's not up to you! I'm very busy, don't waste my time with such boring topics, or try to attract my attention!" The last thing I was going to do was argue or bicker with him. "I will have the lawyer send you the divorce agreement," was all I said, as calmly as I could muster. He didn't even say another word after that and just went through the door he'd been standing in front of, slamming it harshly behind him. My eyes lingered on the knob of the door a bit absentmindedly before I pulled the wedding ring off my finger and placed it on the table. I grabbed my suitcase, which I'd already had my things packed in and headed out of the house.

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