I’m Divorcing with You Mr Billionaire! Chapter 58

I’m Divorcing with You Mr Billionaire! Chapter 58

Chapter 58 Fifty Eight 


The address that Mark sent me indicated that he was at Luigi’s bar. My gaze fell on his car by the side of the road as I drove to the parking lot and parked my car

I made my way into the bar. As I looked around, searching for where Mark might have taken a seat, my eyes fell on Luigi. He was already looking at me. As our eyes met, he pointed his index finger and middle finger to his eyes and faced it in my direction. I am watching you,he m*uthed

I rolled my eyes and pressed one of my fingers to my eyes. “I will gouge out your eyeballs,” I m*uthed back. Then I turned and walked to Mark’s private room. Since he was not on the down floor then he was definitely in one of the VIP rooms

SydneyMark’s eyes instantly fell on me and he slurred. You’re here, come come, take a seat,” he patted on the space beside him

I paused at the door and eyed the empty bottles on the table. I shook my head at his form, he was gulping another cup of whiskey. How many had he taken? Anyway, figuring out how many bottles of whiskey he had taken was not my business

I closed the door behind me and stepped further into the room. Where’s the promised hundred thousand dollars?” 

He chuckled lightly, then he reached for a bag by his side and pulled out his checkbook. I watched as he unsteadily held the pen he pulled out with the checkbook and swiftly signed his name. With a smirk, he handed it to me, Fill in any amount you like.” 

With a smirk on my face too, I took the checkbook and pen from him and took a seat on the scat where he had patted

I had the opportunity to be greedy and either add a zero to the amount or change the first number to any other number of my choice but I didn’t. A hundred thousand dollars was a lot. I filled in the exact amount he promised then I showed it to him so that he could see that I didn’t add any extra figure

He nodded, Whenever you’re free, you can stop by the bank and cash it out.” 

After securely tucking the checkbook in my bag, I got down to business, asking, So why am I here? What did you want to talk to me about?” 

He regarded me for a while then he went straight to why he had invited me here, Do you know everything about Bella and some Isaac guy?” 

I raised my brows. You’ve found out.” 

He ignored my response, Including that the child in Bella’s womb wasn’t mine. Did you know 

all of these?” 

I took a deep breath and nodded, I know.” 

Then he asked, his brows creased in confusion, Why didn’t you tell me? We were together for three whole years and you never even bothered to hint that she left me for another guy.” 

I countered, my brows raised, Why should I have told you? It wasn’t my story to tell, Mark,He sat up more upright, If you had told me, we would not have ended up divorced. Our marriage would still exist, we would have made it work.” 

I shook her head and raised my palm, Nuh uh, no matter what whether I had told you or not,” I niet his gaze, our union, since I walked up to you at the altar and you saw that I was not Bella, was meant to be doomed.” 

He opened his m*uth to speak but I beat him to it

Besides, let’s face it, Mark, you wouldn’t have believed me. To you, in your heart, I was just a thief and I had stolen your love. You would have readily believed that any word from me was a lie, an attempt by your pathetic wife to grab your attention, right? If Bella told you anything Chapter 58 Fifty Eight 


now, wouldn’t you also disbelieve every word she says?I shrugged, That’s just how it is.” 

He looked at me, silent for a while, as his eyes searched. He reclined in his seat and his fingers ran through his hair, You’re right, I indeed wouldn’t have believed you.” 

Then he leaned forward and his hands reached out to caress my face, “I wish I had realized how smart you were sooner than now then I would have fallen in love with you. But I was blinded by rage; that I had been deceived into marrying you, hurt; that Bella didn’t trust me enough to tell me that she was sick and guilt; that I didn’t see the signs of her sickness when I should have

I raised my brows as he moved closer, wondering what he was up to. Then his face got closer and he attempted to k*ss me

That was the height of it. I placed my palm on his face and pushed it back. It is enough that you touch my face. My services do not include k*ssing or S*x, watch out or I’ll bash your head in, I earned sternly

He laughed, seeming humored but he backed off, Alright, ma’am. I’ll play by your rules.” 

Just then, the door to the private room was pushed open. We both turned to the door to see Lucas walk in

His eyes were set on Mark as he moved to my side. He stood beside me and possessively placed his hand on my shoulders. Now I was stuck between Mark and Lucas

What are you two talking about?His eyes shifted to me then back to Mark, With the door closed.” 

I brought out the ch*ck from my bag and waved it in his face. Nothing much, he paid a hundred dollars just to see me,” I said and fl*pped my hair back. It costs that much to see me.” Lucas chuckled, Aren’t you worried I’ll get jealous?” 

I replied with a grin, Sorry, the money was just too easy to earn so I pushed all of my worries and thoughts out the window. I could not resist it.” 

Lucas just squinted his eyes at me

I safely sl*pped the checkbook in my pants pocket and stood up. My arms curled around his shoulders and I placed a brief k*ss on his ever inviting l*ps. My heart catapulted in my ch*st just at that mere contact

I pouted and blinked, Are you jealous now?” 

Mark, who must have been watching our exchange in silence blurted out his question, his words heavily coated in disbelief, Are you two dating?!” 

I turned to him with a big grin, my arms still lodged around Lucasshoulders and cheerfully answered his question. Yes!I turned to Lucas, placed a peck on his l*ps again and hugged him. After that night where we shared ice cream like old times and shared a k*ss, the awkwardness between us had been blissfully severed

The sound of Mark slamming his glass down on the table resounded in the room. I flinched and turned to him. He cast both of us a cold glare without a word, the rage and jealousy he must be feeling swirled in his eyes. Then he grabbed his bag and stood up

As he passed by, he hit his shoulder with Lucasshoulder. Now anyone would be able to tell that that action was deliberate. He slammed the door behind him as he stormed out of the room

Lucas and I turned to face eachother then we suddenly burst out laughing

I’m Divorcing with You Mr Billionaire! (Sydney and Mark)

I’m Divorcing with You Mr Billionaire! (Sydney and Mark)

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I'm Divorcing with You Mr Billionaire! by The Wine Press Novel Read Online

I received a pornographic video. "Do you like this?" The man speaking in the video is my husband, Mark, whom I haven't seen for several months. He is n*ked, his shirt and pants scattered on the ground, thrusting forcefully on a woman whose face I can't see, her plump and round breasts bouncing vigorously. I can clearly hear the slapping sounds in the video, mixed with lustful moans and grunts. "Yes, yes, f**k me hard, baby," the woman screams ecstatically in response. "You naughty girl!" Mark stands up and fl*ps her over, slapping her buttocks as he speaks. "Stick your ass up!" The woman giggles, turns around, sways her buttocks, and kneels on the bed. I feel like someone has poured a bucket of ice water on my head. It's bad enough that my husband is having an affair, but what's worse is that the other woman is my own sister, Bella.

I'm Divorcing with You Mr Billionaire! by The Wine Press

************************************************************************************************************************ “I want to get a divorce, Mark,” I repeated myself in case he didn't hear me the first time—even though I knew he'd heard me clearly. He stared at me with a frown before answering coldly, "It's not up to you! I'm very busy, don't waste my time with such boring topics, or try to attract my attention!" The last thing I was going to do was argue or bicker with him. "I will have the lawyer send you the divorce agreement," was all I said, as calmly as I could muster. He didn't even say another word after that and just went through the door he'd been standing in front of, slamming it harshly behind him. My eyes lingered on the knob of the door a bit absentmindedly before I pulled the wedding ring off my finger and placed it on the table. I grabbed my suitcase, which I'd already had my things packed in and headed out of the house.

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