I’m Divorcing with You Mr Billionaire! Chapter 74

I’m Divorcing with You Mr Billionaire! Chapter 74

Chapter 74 Chapter Seventy Four 

I sighed and ignored his question. I continued working on his suit. Over the last few weeks, Mark and I had eased into this platonic and business partners relationship but we could both feel that there was something simmering underneath all of our formalities and professionalism. Neither of us acknowledged it; it was also why I usually never want to spend too much time with him. especially alone. Now, I just wanted to be done as soon as possible and leave from there

But I should have known that he wouldn’t back down. Mark was never the type to shy away or back down from anything

I asked you a question,he deadpanned

I sighed again. I really wasn’t up for any bantering this morning. It’s your wedding day, Mark,” 1 said, sounding bored. Why would you ask me a question like that?” 

I shook my head and spared him a glance before I made the final touches on getting his suit well fitted on him. I took a step back, my eyes raked up and down his fit form and I managed a smile. From a distance, you would be able to tell that the suit was specially tailored just for him. It fitted perfectly on his broad shoulders and slightly narrowed to rest snugly on his waist

To be honest? I like what I see or rather, what Grace had conjured up. You look like a willing groom

I was still admiring the suit on him so I had no idea what his facial expression was because he didn’t say anything. But his shoulders lifted in a small shrug, Because I want to ask you a question like that. Answer me

I sighed, Seriously? You’re still on that?” He didn’t even bat an eye, he just blankly stared back, obviously expecting a response. Honestly, sometimes Mark behaved like a kid

I sighed and crossed my arms against my ch*st . What kind of answer do you want to hear, Mr. Mark?” 

He swiftly took a step closer and held my chin firmly then made me look up at him. My heart skipped a bit at his action but I forced myself to relax. He would not hurt me, I told myself. For a while, he just stared into my eyes, searching, as if he would find the answer he was looking for there. I want to hear nothing but your honest answer.” 


I stared back at him. My eyes took in the stubborn set of his jaw and his unreadable eyes. exactly do you aim to achieve with this, Mark? Where are you going with this?I wondered aloud. For goodnesssake, you’re getting married today, you should let all of these go. It’s all the past now. It doesn’t matter anymore.” 

It was like he hadn’t heard a single word that I said. His grip on my chin tightened and he pulled me to him. Just answer me, will you?” 

I sighed again. I loved you,,okay? I did but I don’t anymore,I said but he just stared at me. You want my honest response, right? Well, there’s it.” 

His throat worked and he released my chin. He looked down and smoothed his jacket. As he did so, he asked without looking up, Are you telling the truth?” 

I scoffed and retorted, If you want to hear lies, no worries, I can tell you those too.I turned around and started to pick up my bag. I have nothing left to do here, so I’m leaving. Best wishes. to you and your bride on your engagement.” 

I made my way to the door but was halted in my steps when I suddenly felt hands curl around my arms. I reflexively breathed in his manly scent and cologne as it filled my space, his sturdy. ch*st pressed to my back

What are you doing?I asked tentatively, my agitation slowly rising

His hands slid down and they wrapped themselves even tighter around my waist. His chin settled on my shoulder, his face turned to my hair then he murmured against my hair, If you say you still love me, we can be together.” 

You heard me clearly, Mark, I used to love you. Not anymore.” I let out through gritted teeth

Chapter 74 Chapter Seventy Four 

and my fists clenched. Besides, you’re getting married.” 

I heard him sniff then. I can call it all off. It will take nothing for me to call off the engagement.My anger that had been slowly building since he asked his stupid question finally exploded in me. What the f**k is wrong with you? What exactly is your problem, huh?!I burst out and wriggled myself out of his hold. I was actually able to get out of his grasp because he let go. He clearly had better choices for his customized wedding suit and he could have easily paid for their services if he wanted but he chose our brand. He didn’t just stop there, he insisted that I, his exwife, bring him his outfit. Now he was hugging me. What a carefully panned out plan, I thought to myself

I was mad at him for that. I was mad at him for intending to push me down that same path that I had grown to immensely hate being a mistress 

I whirled around and turned to him. He started to advance toward me but I didn’t hesitate to roughly push him away from me. He remained rooted to a spot. I held his gaze and coldly spat out, Enough! I don’t want to play this catandmouse game with you anymore!” 

I took a step forward and pushed at his ch*st again. What the f**k do you want?I pushed him back again. What is it? Tell me! This b*dy?I pointed at myself

Furiously and blindly, with shaky hands, I unbutton the shirt I had on, shamelessly revealing the lacy bra I wore. This is what you want?! Fine! come on, let’s sneak around like rats!I pressed myself against him

Why don’t you have another woman on the morning of your wedding? Come on!I took his hand and placed it on my ass. Do what you have to do and get me out if your f**king system,” he closed his eyes as I spat in his face, All I ask is that you have the mercy to let me go after you’ve had your way with this b*dy!” 

Mark opened his m*uth to say something but I didn’t let him speak. I cradled his face with my palm and slammed my l*ps on his 

The k*ss was rough. It was filled with anger and pain and despair. I k*ssed him with everything I had. I poured out all my frustration and pent up anger once and for all. I k*ssed him so hard that I bit him and felt the iron taste of blood. Even when I ran out of breath, I didn’t stop. I refused. to let him go until I couldn’t stay a moment without breathing

I pulled away with a loud gasp, exhausted. I bent and grasped my knee as I tried to regain my breath

I saw Mark bend down and picked up my shirt..I hadn’t even realized that it had fallen off. I didn’t say anything as he moved closer to me, put the shirt around me and calmly buttoned it. He regarded me for a while before he brought up his hand and then traced his thumb on my sore l*ps, wiping away his blood from my l*ps

You drive me crazy, Sydney,” he said in a husky voice that made me madder because of the effects it had on me. I do want to f**k you,he drawled softly. I won’t even lie about that. I want to have you sprawled before me, I want to taste every inch of your glorious b*dy before I slowly ease myself inside of you.There was a pause, his finger on my l*ps stilled and his eyes roamed my face. I glared back at him, my breathing ragged

I want to do a lot of things to you and one stolen moment will never be enough. I don’t want a one off thing. I want to f**k you over and over again, I want to make love to you till the only man you think of is me but only if you’re willing.He shrugged slightly, I don’t mind waiting till you’ve decided. I can wait for you. I have enough willpower to hold myself back and I wouldn’t pressure you 

I looked at him with disdain. This guy really is something. I picked up my bag, threw him a diny glare. f**k you, asshole,then I turned and made my way out of the room

When I got outside, I tried to steady my trembling hands as I brought out my phone and dialed Grace’s number

Hey!It felt like eons before she picked up

I frowned. She sounded out of breath. Are you okay?” 

Chapter 71 Chapter Seventy Four 

I’m okay. Just tired. There’s like a zillion things to do here and Sandra won’t let me leave.Oh. I’m done with Mark though.” 

I figured. Don’t worry. I’ll find my way out of here now. Go to the intersection ahead of his place. I’ll pick you up there.” 

Alright. I’ll be waiting.” 

I ended the call with Grace and started to walk by the sidewalk to the intersection

Few minutes later, Mark’s car drove past. I turned and my gaze collided with Mark’s that was already on me. I rolled my eyes and looked away

Just as I looked away, the calm silence of the day was broken by the screech of tires and the blaring horn of vehicles

My senses instantly grew alert and I turned, my eyes widened in horror, to see Mark’s car hastily tried to reverse as another car swerved into their lane. The car approaching seemed to have lost control of its brake or something because it was unable to stop

I uselessly stood there and watched as the vehicle collided with Mark’s car in a deafening crash and sent it overturned by the side of the road, while the other car ran straight into a pole. The sound of glass shattering and crunch of metal could be heard as the smell of burnt rubber filled 

the air

I’m Divorcing with You Mr Billionaire! (Sydney and Mark)

I’m Divorcing with You Mr Billionaire! (Sydney and Mark)

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I'm Divorcing with You Mr Billionaire! by The Wine Press Novel Read Online

I received a pornographic video. "Do you like this?" The man speaking in the video is my husband, Mark, whom I haven't seen for several months. He is n*ked, his shirt and pants scattered on the ground, thrusting forcefully on a woman whose face I can't see, her plump and round breasts bouncing vigorously. I can clearly hear the slapping sounds in the video, mixed with lustful moans and grunts. "Yes, yes, f**k me hard, baby," the woman screams ecstatically in response. "You naughty girl!" Mark stands up and fl*ps her over, slapping her buttocks as he speaks. "Stick your ass up!" The woman giggles, turns around, sways her buttocks, and kneels on the bed. I feel like someone has poured a bucket of ice water on my head. It's bad enough that my husband is having an affair, but what's worse is that the other woman is my own sister, Bella.

I'm Divorcing with You Mr Billionaire! by The Wine Press

************************************************************************************************************************ “I want to get a divorce, Mark,” I repeated myself in case he didn't hear me the first time—even though I knew he'd heard me clearly. He stared at me with a frown before answering coldly, "It's not up to you! I'm very busy, don't waste my time with such boring topics, or try to attract my attention!" The last thing I was going to do was argue or bicker with him. "I will have the lawyer send you the divorce agreement," was all I said, as calmly as I could muster. He didn't even say another word after that and just went through the door he'd been standing in front of, slamming it harshly behind him. My eyes lingered on the knob of the door a bit absentmindedly before I pulled the wedding ring off my finger and placed it on the table. I grabbed my suitcase, which I'd already had my things packed in and headed out of the house.

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