I’m Divorcing with You Mr Billionaire! Chapter 83

I’m Divorcing with You Mr Billionaire! Chapter 83

Chapter 83 Chapter Eighty Three 

The past weeks have been blissful and I finally felt like I had my life back and I was actually living it 

Having helped Mark to the extent I could, assured that he was fine and his position as President could still be salvaged, I could finally focus on work and myself

My heart filled with warmth and my stomach fl*pped with joy just at the thought of the dates have been having more frequently with Lucas, I have also been having more time to see Lucas. It was like we both had a silent agreement to salvage the little time we have whenever we weren’t working and focus more on our relationship

Since I knew Lucas, way before we departed, I had always knew he was a sweet boy and would grow into a sweeter man but Lucas had wowed me 

Despite the occassional news and some updates from my lawyer about Bella that sometime disconcerted me, a day hadn’t gone by that I didn’t blush, smile sheepishly or laugh wholeheartedly like a lovesick teenager during a phone call or video call Lucas keeps showing me a side I never thought any man had to them. A side that I used to believe could only be possessed by fictional men. In a nutshell, Lucas had been perfect

As bregrudging as it may sound, I have also had time to fully focus on Bella’s case I disliked this need to tend to her case but the fact that I was the first person that was reached out to must be a sign. It was an opportunity I had to use well. Perhaps, Bella will come out of it a new woman. I was able to get a cl*p of when Bella dropped her gun with an unremorseful exclamation and then she out her havds up in the air and said, I have a mental illness, I want to see my lawyerI almost went crazy. Who has a mental illness and still go ahead to say they have a mental illness?! I had bitterly and frustratedly complained about it to my lawyer, bemoaned that it would only work against her before my lawyer softly calmed me down that there was no problem at all. He said the fact that she mentioned it at the crime scene will give him a good defense

I raised my brows as he explained how the whole admission will help in getting the judge to be lenient on her

I mentally clapped my hands as I realized that Bella had actually had everything properly planned out. If I had to say the truth, I was impressed. If she wasn’t such a hateful b**ch and we hadn’t got on the wrong foot, I might have given her a position in our company

I had to be present the day the case was being held at court while Grace had stayed at work

Once again, I was impressed at my lawyer’s skills. He was a sweet talker. After a sound argument, he made the judge believe that Bella was under the influence of her derangement, even her statement that day was under the influence of her mental illness as she was unaware of what she was really saying

And Bella, to my expectations, played along by acting like she was out of it once in a while, Once again, I was reminded of how much of a good actress she was

My lawyer also backed all of his claims by providing evidences of blackmails from Isaac, phone call recordings and texts of him threatening to ruin Bella’s life or make her lose her unborn child if she didn’t feed his addiction by giving him money, there were also pictorial evidences where Isaac was either rough handling Bella or standing over her beaten form like a starved predator. He even somehow got two persons who stood as witnesses to the beatings Isaac used to give to Bella when she was with him and pregnant with his child. All these, he tagged, the cause of her 


I was wowed. I didn’t even bother to think where and how he had been able to get all of these because it was beyond me. Afterall, I paid him handsomely

At the end of it all, Bella was sent to a mental hospital for adequate treatment instead of a prison. Even before the judge spoke up, I already knew what his decision would be

I breathed a sigh of relief. This was the best outcome, maybe the one I had unconsciously hoped 

Chapter 34hapter Twee there


Although, Bella and I had become estranged because of Mark I feel like I have punished her in 

my own way 

Unfortunately as it sounds, Hella’s relationship with Isaac had been long and she was sadly still my sister Isaac made her a pretty damaged person and she had to seriously do something I it. So sending her to a mental hospital was killing two birds with one stone. First, I got her out of my way for a while and got my punishment by depriving her of her freedom Secondly, she gets proper care and becomes a better person

My phone rang out and 1 waltzed out of the kitchen, dancing to my ringing time as I made my way to where my phone was in the living room

I smiled at the caller’s ID. “Hey babe, I called to ch*ck up on yo 

I interrupted her softly, a smile dancing on my l*ps, How many times will you call to ch*ck up 

on me?” 

Grace sighed over the phone. Girl, I’m worried. You looked really sick when you left. The assurance that re fine is the only way I can focus on work. Has your order arrived?” 

“You shouldn’t worry yourself too much, just focus on your work, okay? Because I’m going to be fine. I guess I’m just a bit more tired than usual. That’s just it” 

There was a pause and I could almost picture her squinting her eyes at me as she tried to ligure out if I was telling the truth or not. Are you sure?She finally asked

Yes, mummy, you can hang up now.” 

A cute laugh escaped her l*ps before she said, Take care, amidst her laughter and hung up 


I had had to come home early from work because I felt too tired and Grace had to take care of work

I went back to the kitchen and finished devouring the pizza I ordered. I knew it wasn’t the best thing to take considering that I needed food that would give me strength but it’s what I was craving and I honestly didn’t have the strength to cook

When I was done, I downed the pizza with the elaborate wine I had ordered with the pizza. There was a lot to celebrate and be thankful for. I cleaned up the kitch 

then grabbed a flute 

and the remaining bottle of wine and left for my room

There I stripped down to nothing then wrapped a towel around myself. I prepared a warm, healthy and soothing bath then I set the flute and wine on the holder by the th 

I intended to spend hours, having a calming bath and then I would have a rejuvenating sleep. It was all I needed

I was about to step into the bath when I remembered that one last ingredient was missing. Music. What was an awesome bath without music

I rushed out of the bathroom back to the room and grabbed my phone. I was about to step back into the bathroom when I felt a cold metal on my nape. Turn around!” 

Memories of the first time something like this happened raided me and I felt paralyzed for a moment. Immediately after that day, I had upgraded the security system around the house so how was anyone able to get in

I said turn around!The bugler yelled and I was shaken out of my paralyzed state

I did as instructed and turned to face the bugler. I slowly looked up and I was stunned at the person that was staring right back at me with a mischievous grin


I couldn’t even hide my surprise. How bad is the security at the mental hospital?I gaped, How did 

you manage to escape their premises and the cops are not on your heels?” 

Bella’s face held no emotion after her grin fell and she stared back at me. She scoffed nonchalantly, Those fools?She shrugged feebly, All I had to tell them was that I had a stomach ache. They sent me to the hospital with some dense talkative police that guarded us. I escaped

Chapter 53 Chapter Eighty Three 

from there. Easy peasy

It was then that I noticed the green hospital gown she had on. My puzzled frown still remained. though. So how did you get into my house then?” 

She smirked again. This is why you should have agile people around you. Your poor neighbor is an old lady with an equally rotten, poor eyesight, she mistook me for whoever lives with you. It quickly told her I forgot my keys and you wouldn’t pick up your phone, so she let me climb over 

her wall 

Wow. I mentally made a note to have a serious talk with the old lady. But how did you get ins the house?I further inquired

You ask too much question, b**ch,” she pressed the gun that was now on my temple harder

I rolled my eyes at the feel of the metal muzzle on my temple. If she would shoot my brains out, she would have by now, she wouldn’t be indulging in stupid conversation that doesn’t have anything to do with me dying

I took the risk and strolled to the sofa in my room. I was too worn out. I didn’t leave work to come and play twenty questions with my sister slash bugler.. 

She seemed surprised at my action as she just gaped at me for a while. I stared back at her. My gaze went from the stoic expression on her face as she repositioned her stance and pointed the gun at me then my gaze fell on her finger on the trigger then to the muzzle

A little bit pressure and a bullet will come barreling out of the gun and into my skull or heart, wherever she targeted

I closed my eyes and sighed. I wasn’t ready or interested in dying neither did I want to be involved with her I was sure they’d be searching for her by nowor soon


I crossed my legs and met her gaze. What do you want from me, Bella? Why have you come here?” 

She glared at me. When she spoke, her voice was filled with anger, bitterness and most of all, desperation. If it wasn’t that you hired a lawyer for me, I would have made your brains and blood splatter on your white wall. Now, what I want is to leave this shitty place. I want to go faraway from you all so you will give me your car and your credit card now.” 

My lids felt heavy as I looked up at her. I didn’t even think much about her request. Alright, I’ll give them to you,I said. I just wanted her out of here

I slowly stood up and walked to my drawers. I opened the top drawer, took my car keys and credit card, I even took some of the cash in the drawer and handed everything to her

She could leave, go far away as possible, I didn’t care. It was exactly what I wanted. .She snatched them from my hands and stuffed them inside her pocket like the thief that she 

was. I was waiting for her to leave so I could lock the door and recontact the security company when I suddenly felt a hard hit on my head

I clutched the edge of the drawer and staggered back. A damning headache suddenly came on and my gaze remained unfocused

I felt another hit on the same spot and this time, I couldn’t hold myself upright, I went crashing into the floor beside the drawer

All I could see was the blurry floor and her b*refeet but I heard her clearly sneer at me

Thought I would thank you, huh?Then I watched as those feet turned around and marched 



my gaze got blurrier and the edges of my blurry gaze darkened, I had only one thought, Great. At least, I can avoid the suspicion of harboring a fugitive.” 

I’m Divorcing with You Mr Billionaire! (Sydney and Mark)

I’m Divorcing with You Mr Billionaire! (Sydney and Mark)

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: April 30, 2024 Native Language: English

I'm Divorcing with You Mr Billionaire! by The Wine Press Novel Read Online

I received a pornographic video. "Do you like this?" The man speaking in the video is my husband, Mark, whom I haven't seen for several months. He is n*ked, his shirt and pants scattered on the ground, thrusting forcefully on a woman whose face I can't see, her plump and round breasts bouncing vigorously. I can clearly hear the slapping sounds in the video, mixed with lustful moans and grunts. "Yes, yes, f**k me hard, baby," the woman screams ecstatically in response. "You naughty girl!" Mark stands up and fl*ps her over, slapping her buttocks as he speaks. "Stick your ass up!" The woman giggles, turns around, sways her buttocks, and kneels on the bed. I feel like someone has poured a bucket of ice water on my head. It's bad enough that my husband is having an affair, but what's worse is that the other woman is my own sister, Bella.

I'm Divorcing with You Mr Billionaire! by The Wine Press

************************************************************************************************************************ “I want to get a divorce, Mark,” I repeated myself in case he didn't hear me the first time—even though I knew he'd heard me clearly. He stared at me with a frown before answering coldly, "It's not up to you! I'm very busy, don't waste my time with such boring topics, or try to attract my attention!" The last thing I was going to do was argue or bicker with him. "I will have the lawyer send you the divorce agreement," was all I said, as calmly as I could muster. He didn't even say another word after that and just went through the door he'd been standing in front of, slamming it harshly behind him. My eyes lingered on the knob of the door a bit absentmindedly before I pulled the wedding ring off my finger and placed it on the table. I grabbed my suitcase, which I'd already had my things packed in and headed out of the house.

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