I’m Divorcing with You Mr Billionaire! Chapter 90

I’m Divorcing with You Mr Billionaire! Chapter 90

Chapter 90 Chapter Ninety 


Sydney’s POV 

Welcome to this world, Aiden Mommy loves you so much, I whispered into his tiny cars and he squinted at me before closing his eyes again. And I wondered if he heard me. I wondered if he could feel and tell that he was in his mother’s arms 

My eyes watered, filled with tears of joy as I stroked the decks of my son just the dought that he was mine made my heart swell with so much love and happiness God the booked an innocent. Too pure for this world

Without any complications, I had successfully given birth to a bouncy baby boy in the same hospital where I had found out that I was pregnant

I smiled. The past few months had been a lot, it was a m*uth that was filled with a rollercoaster of emotions, a month where I had received support and love, even from people I hadn’t expected it from. Infact, these past few months have been one of my favorites.. 

Grace sighed again, her gaze glued to Aiden in my hands as if he had hypnotized her. Thes going to grow into a handsome hunk” 

I laughed, Aiden shook in my hands as my shoulder moved, Already

I can already see it, she murmured back, absentmindedly, her gaze trained on Aiden. He would be stunning 

After she was allowed in, Grace had been silent. She just hugged me and stared at Aiden as if he was unreal, as though if she touched him, he would disappear into the air. After minutes had passed, she finally moved closer and touched his fists, gasping as her hands came in contact with my son’s flesh. You would think she had never seen or touched a baby before

She touched Aiden’s hands then gently tried to stick her pinky finger inbetween his small clenched fists

You should stop doing that before he decides to never let go? I smiled. She had been doing that since she touched him

It’s so cute,” she cooed. She drew back from him and looked at me, her eyes gleaming with restrained tears, Aiden is so cute that I want to just scream and cry at his beauty 

I couldn’t help but laugh. I slightly winced when I felt a sharp pain in my perineal area and I briefly wondered if it was okay for me to laugh so much after going through the strenuousness of childbirth

Childbirth is scary. After Aiden, I don’t think I want to go through that process anymore. Atleast, not anytime soon

I was terrified and tired and on the verge of giving up. I thought I would never be able to push my child out and that I would die with him in my stomach but the doctor and nurses edged me on and Mark was there

His hands gripped mine, silently passing across that he would never let go. I had blurry. memories of me shouting for him to go away; I hit and bit him whenever he got closer but he still remained by my side, cheering me on even though there was nothing to cheer on. You can do it, Sydney. Come on, you’re strong and your baby can’t wait to meet you

He was by my side until Aiden let out his first sound an ear piercing cry. I had never been so happy to hear a cry

Mark, that man, had been more supportive than I would have imagined in a thousand years. In the past months, he was there for me through thick and thin

Instead of laughing, I settled for grinning. Have some dignity, will you? You’re his godmother. I can’t help it,she cooed and looked at Aiden again, her l*ps stretching into a wider smile. You’re crying just by touching him now. If you keep this up, when he grows up, he’ll think 

you’re a strange aunt who only cries when you see him.” 

Grace laughter filled the room. When shebsovered up, she took Aiden from me and gently swayed him. Holding his tiny fists, she said, Then I have a lot of practice to do so I can get used to his beauty. I must familiarize myself with him. I can’t bear to let him think I’m a strange aunt in the future.” 

I shook my head at her dramatics. I watched the two of them, Aiden’s eyes were closed and Grace’s full attention was on him. My heart warmed at the sight of the both of them. I can already tell that Aiden will have so much support and love in his life. He would be surrounded by it; I would make sure of that

My grin slowly faded and my l*ps twisted unpleasantly as he crossed my mind. I said to Grace. I’m thinking of going to Italy.” 

Grace paused then she sighed and continued to sway Aiden in her arms. To do what, Sydney?She asked exasperatedly

I knew she knew what I wanted to go there for but since she asked, I was going to answer too

To find Lucas.” 

I was disheartened and shocked when after a month, Lucas didn’t come back or even contact me. Weeks of me waiting stretched into months and still no word from the bastard

Are you kidding me right now?She turned to me, sl*pping on her scolding face. You just gave birth. I won’t let you go anywhere now and I’m sure Mark wouldn’t allow it to.” 

I rolled my eyes, I won’t go now. Surely, I’m not fit for that stress now. I’ll go after a month or so. When I feel very rested.” 

Grace shook her head. She looked down at Aiden before facing me again, With Aiden?She pouted, I’ll miss him, you can’t do this to me, it’s too cruel.” 

I smiled. I smiled at her drama, as usual. I also smiled at the fact that she wasn’t talking of stopping me, she knew I had made my decision and she had accepted it

I shook her head, Of course not, I’m not going with Aiden. I will go alone. But, I’ll definitely come back soon, I can’t bear to leave Aiden for that long. I don’t think I can ever.” 

Grace’s eyes lit up in excitement and I knew that if she wasn’t holding Aiden, she would have. clapped in excitement

Then I had better start learning how to be a single mother now, it seems exciting and I can’t wait 

I shook her head, There’s no need to learn anything about being a single mom, I don’t intend to leave you alone with him forever. Besides, I’ll find you some help.” 

I gave her a sidelong glance and teased, almost wiggling my brows, After all, it’s not very 

convenient to go on a date with a baby, right?” 

Grace’s face turned red and her brows deeply drew down in an exaggerated frown. Wh what are you saying?She stuttered

Don’t think I don’t know about you and that handsome doctor. You guys are dating, aren’t you? Tell me the truth,I held her gaze and looking me in the eye suddenly became an issue for Grace, Do you accompany me to the hospital every time just to see that handsome doctor?” Whatttt,she drew back dramatically. When I didn’t budge she shrugged as much as she could while she held Aiden, Well,” she elongated, caring about you is true, and looking at the handsome doctor is also true.” 

I laughed at her inconvenience and she brightened, a big grin on her l*ps

At that moment, Mark swaggered in. Seeing the expressions on our faces, he smiled and asked, What are you two talking about looking so happy?” 

It’s none of your business, Grace said in a singy songy tone as she walked forward and handed Aiden to Mark

Mark readily took him from her. He held Aiden so gently and skillfully, that you’d think he had spent his entire life either being a father or studying the art of being a father

Chapter 90 Chapter Ninety

He closed his eyes and placed a k*ss on his forehead. If there was an outsider amongst us, they would have thought he was Aiden’s father

A smile danced on Grace’s l*ps as she whispered to me. I’m going out, you two chat.” 

I nodded. The room fell silent as I watched her leave the room while Mark focused on Aiden

Chapter 90 Chapter Ninety

I’m Divorcing with You Mr Billionaire! (Sydney and Mark)

I’m Divorcing with You Mr Billionaire! (Sydney and Mark)

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I'm Divorcing with You Mr Billionaire! by The Wine Press Novel Read Online

I received a pornographic video. "Do you like this?" The man speaking in the video is my husband, Mark, whom I haven't seen for several months. He is n*ked, his shirt and pants scattered on the ground, thrusting forcefully on a woman whose face I can't see, her plump and round breasts bouncing vigorously. I can clearly hear the slapping sounds in the video, mixed with lustful moans and grunts. "Yes, yes, f**k me hard, baby," the woman screams ecstatically in response. "You naughty girl!" Mark stands up and fl*ps her over, slapping her buttocks as he speaks. "Stick your ass up!" The woman giggles, turns around, sways her buttocks, and kneels on the bed. I feel like someone has poured a bucket of ice water on my head. It's bad enough that my husband is having an affair, but what's worse is that the other woman is my own sister, Bella.

I'm Divorcing with You Mr Billionaire! by The Wine Press

************************************************************************************************************************ “I want to get a divorce, Mark,” I repeated myself in case he didn't hear me the first time—even though I knew he'd heard me clearly. He stared at me with a frown before answering coldly, "It's not up to you! I'm very busy, don't waste my time with such boring topics, or try to attract my attention!" The last thing I was going to do was argue or bicker with him. "I will have the lawyer send you the divorce agreement," was all I said, as calmly as I could muster. He didn't even say another word after that and just went through the door he'd been standing in front of, slamming it harshly behind him. My eyes lingered on the knob of the door a bit absentmindedly before I pulled the wedding ring off my finger and placed it on the table. I grabbed my suitcase, which I'd already had my things packed in and headed out of the house.

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