Invincible Commander by Claire Chapter 1

Invincible Commander by Claire Chapter 1

Chapter 1 The End Of The Three-Year Silence

There was a man who had not spoken for the past three years at the Queenstown Psychiatric Hospital, located in the Loang Empire. All of his attention was focused on an old cell phone.

The phone, which had been silent all these years, suddenly began to ring. The number was not one that he was familiar with, but he answered the call regardless.

“Hello… Papa, is that you?” The man heard a girl’s tearful voice through the phone.

“Papa, it’s me, Anne. I’ve been stuck in this foxhole for ten days now… I’m freezing and starving, Papa. Please, save me!”

“I don’t think I’ll ever get to see you again, Papa. These people are going to cut me open and sell my organs!” she cried.

“Papa, I’m really scared! I don’t want them to cut me open, I know it’s going to hurt… They even said that they were going to sell my corneas! Can you come and save me, Papa? I miss you so much,” the girl continued, sobbing quietly into the phone.

“Papa, are you there? You told me to call this number if I were in trouble and needed help. I’d almost forgotten about it!” She paused, then continued anxiously, “Oh no, they’re coming! No, I won’t go! You’re all bad people!”

After that, someone else’s voice rang out. “You’re asking for trouble, you little b**ch! Who the hell gave you the guts to call someone so sneakily?” At the same time, the girl shrieked, “No, p-please don’t hit me! I won’t do it again!”

This was the call that the man, a patient at Queenstown Psychiatric Hospital, had received just half an hour earlier.

He was Sam Parker, Commander of the Northern Troops of the Loang Empire. Three years ago, he had been hailed as a hero due to his success in leading his battalion to victory against the Empire’s numerable foes, managing to bring about a five-year-long age of peace.

It was hard to believe that such a hero had spent the past three years at a psychiatric hospital, never uttering a word. All he did was stare at a cell phone blankly.

It was that very phone that had rung for the first time ever with a call for help.

When Sam heard the girl refer to herself as ‘Anne’, he leaped to his feet in a flash, his b*dy shuddering violently. He dialed back immediately when the call got cut off, only to find that he could not get through.

Though the call had ended abruptly, Sam had clearly heard the sound of Anne wailing pitifully while someone gave her a beating.

His mind was filled with Anne’s words.

As his mind swam with these thoughts, Sam felt like he had been stabbed with a dagger. Indescribable pain spread through him.

His mind clouded with rage and his gaze turned murderous. His fists were so tightly clenched that he drew blood.

His expression became extremely twisted as he mumbled to himself, “It’s been three years, three f**king years… Anne, you’re alive, you’re really alive…”

With a deafening crash, Sam turned the lone table in his room into useless pieces of wood. In the next second, he darted out of the room like a madman.

Sensing that something was amiss, a figure quickly followed him. It was Shadow, Sam’s b*dyguard. He had been responsible for Sam’s safety since their army days.

Shadow was utterly shocked by the malice and ruthlessness that was coming off of Sam in waves. What in the world had happened to infuriate him so?

“Trace the location of this number right now!” The anxiety in Sam’s voice was apparent. “You have one minute to get me an answer!” Shadow immediately got to work.

Unable to control his emotions anymore, Sam started to cry as he repeatedly mumbled, “Anne, you have to wait for me…”

He was shuddering uncontrollably, his breath racing as he sobbed. The memory of Anne’s phone call played on repeat in his mind.

There was an army green Hummer parked at the entrance of the hospital. Sam got in, looking thunderous. He was absolutely sure that Anne was the one who had made that call as she was the only one who knew about that private number.

They had been separated for the past three years, and he had thought her dead. Yet the truth was that she was alive, stuck in a foxhole and having to suffer through painful beatings.

With that thought in mind, Sam let out a tortured cry.

Both the driver, Paul Connor, and Shadow were startled. They could sense the deep rage that was burning in him, and neither of them dared to say a word.

Five years ago, Sam had been disowned by the Parker family and had even had a bounty placed on him. At the same time, his then-fiancée, Gwen Young, broke off their engagement in a public show of humiliation.

Everyone wanted him dead. Not just the Parkers, but also many other noble families in the Capital. Forced into a corner, Sam had no choice but to put his life on the line and join the Northern Troops, located in one of the most dangerous regions of the Empire.

He would never forget the last words that his comrade, Stefan Harris, had uttered three years ago before his death. “Sam, I can die without regrets, knowing that I saved your life!”

“Here… This is a photo of my daughter. She’s only three this year, so promise me you’ll take care of her,” Stefan had pleaded.

“I will, I promise!”

Sam fished out the crumpled photo from his pocket and gazed at it, tears still running down his face. He mumbled, “Anne, I’m sorry… I’m so sorry!”

Sam buried his head in his hands. He allowed his tears to flow freely, letting out all the pain and frustration that he had suppressed for the past few years.

The atmosphere in the car became so tense that it was hard to breathe.

Anne’s voice reverberated in Sam’s mind, as clear as if she was speaking right into his ear.

“Papa, is that you? It’s me, Anne. I’ve been stuck in a foxhole for ten days now, and I’m freezing and starving… Papa, save me!”

“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to see you again, Papa… They said they were going to cut me open and sell my organs!”

Sam could not stand it any longer. He yelled, “Why the f**k is it taking so long to trace that f**king number? Anne’s waiting for me to save her! I have to save her!”

Shadow jumped a little in his seat. He hurriedly said, “We’ve already got their location, Commander. They’re at a villa in the suburbs of Queenstown.”

Sam looked terrifying with his bloodshot eyes and twisted expression. He roared, “I don’t care what you do. Just get me there within 20 minutes!”

Paul put the pedal to the metal and the Hummer shot off towards their destination.

Meanwhile, in a foxhole outside a villa in the suburbs of Queenstown.

There stood a little girl, dirty and disheveled, her tear-filled eyes opened wide. She even seemed to have traces of poop on her… Her face was filled with shock and wariness.

“W-What are you doing?”

A middle-aged man with a cruel look shoved Anne to the ground roughly. “F**k off, you little bastard. I’ve kept you around for the past three years, waiting for this day to come…” He let out a derisive laugh.

The man had a few doctors with him. He said to the one in the lead, “Mr. Green, you’ve seen with your own eyes that I’ve brought the goods. Now, about that money…”

James Green took a long, hard look at Anne and nodded at one of the men behind him. Shortly after, the middle-aged man received his payment.

He could not contain his glee at the sight of the numbers in his bank account. He never would have expected that keeping a little runt like her around would be beneficial for him.

“Mr. Green, I’ll be making a move now that I’ve got my money. Let me know if you need anything else in the future!”

James ignored him and grabbed Anne’s chin, forcing her to look at him. “Do you really know Sam Parker? Who are you to him? Where is he now?” he asked coldly.

James could not stop his heart from racing. He was under orders to get rid of Sam, yet he had completely lost Sam’s trail. He knew that Sam had arrived in Queenstown three years ago, but it was as if Sam had vanished into thin air since then.

He needed to know where Sam was hiding so he could complete his mission. Then, he would finally be able to return to the Capital and give the Parker family what they had asked for.

He still remembered what the Parker family had told him three years ago. “It’s Sam Parker’s head or your own. The choice is yours.”

James dragged Anne over by her hair and said coldly, “Hurry up and tell me how you know Sam Parker. Where is he? I’ve been looking for him for three f**king years!” He gave Anne a slap when she remained silent.

Then, he let out a crazed laugh. He had spent three years in this god-forsaken place, and his anger and frustration had finally reached their limits.

Anne’s cheek was red from James’ slap, but she refused to let her tears flow. She bit her l*p and said, “Papa’s definitely going to save me from you bad people. I know he will…”

“So you’re going to keep your m*uth shut, are you, you little bastard?” In his rage, James picked up a handful of dog poop and smeared it across Anne’s face. “Either you tell me where he is, or eat shit!”

“N-No! Don’t do this!” Anne cried.

Invincible Commander by Claire (Sam and Anne) Novel

Invincible Commander by Claire (Sam and Anne) Novel

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  • (Sam and Anne) Novel Summary

Sam Parker fought valiantly in the battlefield, but he received news that his daughter was sold. The next moment, millions of soldiers flew into rage.Sam was hunted down by his family, and his fiancée destroyed their potential marriage right in front of him. All he had left was his daughter, and he treasured his daughter more than his own life. He would not hesitate to tear the entire family of whoever dared to harm his daughter into shreds!

Invincible Commander by Claire (Sam and Anne) Novel

Novel Invincible Commander by Claire Full CHapters

There was a man who had not spoken for the past three years at the Queenstown Psychiatric Hospital, located in the Loang Empire. All of his attention was focused on an old cell phone. The phone, which had been silent all these years, suddenly began to ring. The number was not one that he was familiar with, but he answered the call regardless.

Invincible Commander by Claire


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