Invincible Commander by Claire Chapter 10

Invincible Commander by Claire Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Asking For Her Hand In Marriage

The news of the Hellish Heaven Gang turning up unannounced soon spread like wildfire among the Diazes. A grey cloud hung over everyone at their family gathering.

The tension was so thick that it was like they could cut through it with a knife.

At the head of the table sat Robert Diaz, the head of the Diaz family. It didn’t matter that he was in his 70s. He still held the ultimate power in the Diaz family. No one dared to go against him.

His eyes were still cunningly bright and alert for a man of his age.

Seated next to him was Charlie Diaz, Liam Diaz’s father. Charlie was frowning in thought.

Robert Diaz’s stern eyes landed on each of the Diazes. “Which idiot got himself involved with the Hellish Heaven Gang?” he roared. “Come forward! You all know very well that we can’t get on the gang’s bad side. If you own up now, I might still go easy on you.”

The Diazes glanced nervously at each other, but none of them said a thing.

Liam Diaz spoke up instead. “Grandpa, our family is fairly powerful and influential in Queenstown. Why should we still be afraid of the Hellish Heaven Gang?”

Robert Diaz eyed him coldly. “Don’t you know what the gang has done all these years? The list of evil things they have done is enough to fill up a book. How did you think all the other smaller families vanished from Queenstown?”

Everyone started chiming in about who they thought had gotten on the Hellish Heaven Gang’s bad side. Just then, the head butler ran into the hall, his face white as a sheet.

He was panting hard as he approached Robert Diaz. “Master! Master, there are a lot of people outside!”

Robert Diaz frowned deeply. “Stop panicking and speak properly!” he scolded.

How dare the head butler cause such a commotion? Didn’t he know that he was embarrassing the Diaz family by behaving this way?

They had a reputation to maintain!

Robert stood up and addressed the crowd. “Everyone, just shut up and follow me.”

It would not do for the head of the Diaz family to panic as well. He had to maintain his cool at all times, especially in the face of danger.

Whatever he did, it was all to maintain the reputation of the Diazes.

Avery Diaz trailed behind the crowd. She had already made up her mind to surrender herself should the Hellish Heaven Gang ask for her head. She was not going to drag Sam Parker or her family into this mess.

Since making that decision, Avery felt unusually relieved. Those hooligans just wanted her b*dy, did they not?

She would just give it to them. What was the worst that could happen? No one else would mourn her death aside from her parents anyway.

A number of wealthy elites had been invited to the Diazes’ family gathering as well. They were now all eagerly looking on for the next juicy piece of gossip.

“Who would’ve thought that the Hellish Heaven Gang would be looking for the Diazes? This is interesting!”

“I know, right? They’ve been getting too full of themselves lately. Now they’re in trouble.”

“It might not be entirely their fault, though. The Hellish Heaven Gang has been getting fairly out of hand recently.”

“We don’t know why they’re here, though. It doesn’t look like they’re here for the family gathering.”

“Stupid. They wouldn’t bring hundreds of people to a gathering. It’s obvious that they’ve got beef with the Diazes.”

The guests all started speculating among themselves, waiting for the show to start.

Just then, Robert stepped out of the crowd.

He was astonished to see that the members of the Hellish Heaven Gang had filled up his entire yard.

The Diazes were outnumbered for sure. They had never seen so many gang members in the same place before. It felt like they had already lost before the confrontation had even started.

Robert Diaz faked a smile as he greeted the leader. “Mateo, my dear friend. What brings you here? I hope my yard is big enough for a lot of you,” he said.

It was obvious that Robert Diaz was trying to get on the gang’s good side in hopes that they would let him and his family go.

In terms of seniority, Robert Diaz was considered a pioneer in the business world. Mateo Williams was nothing to him. However, Robert knew that his age was catching up to him and he had everything to lose. He could only hope that Mateo accepted the olive branch he was offering to him.

Mateo laughed and said coldly, “Quit it, Mr. Diaz. We’re here to avenge our brothers!”

The guests tilted their head in confusion.


Even the Diazes were confused themselves. Avenge their brothers? When did the people from the Hellish Heaven Gang fall victim to the Diazes?

This had to be a mistake.

The Hellish Heaven Gang were the ones who always did the bullying and extortion. It was never the other way around.

The guests in the mansion started to get excited. What was Mateo talking about?

Robert looked at Mateo in confusion. “I’m sorry, but what do you mean? We’ve always kept to ourselves and never had anything to do with your gang.”

“Pfft!” Mateo angrily pointed at some of his men. “Never had anything to do with us, you said? What happened to their arms?”

“Let me tell you something, Robert Diaz. If you don’t have a good explanation for this, then today is the day the Diazes perish. Mark my words, Mr. Diaz.”

The Diazes still did not understand what was going on. What had happened?

Robert Diaz tried to defuse the situation despite his confusion. “There, there, my friend, let’s not be hasty. We’ll discuss this like civilized people. If your brothers were really harmed by a Diaz, then you could have their heads.”

He felt shaken up. The Hellish Heaven Gang was not a force that he or his family could stand up to. If the gang wanted to get rid of the Diazes, there was literally nothing he could do to stop them.

Hearing the elderly Diaz’s words, Linda Flores and Thomas Diaz nearly tripped over their own feet.

They were so, so doomed!

Nob*dy could save them anymore. Linda whispered in Avery Diaz’s ear, “Tell Sam Parker to surrender and we will be safe.”

Avery Diaz did not know what to do. How could she do such a cruel thing to Sam?

She clenched her fists and frowned. She would rather die than let Sam take the blame for her.

Mateo nodded icily. “You better mean what you say, old man!”

Robert could only pray that whoever had done this to the gang members was not someone important in the family. Otherwise, the Diaz family was doomed.

He tried asking for more information from Mateo. “So, who is it you’re looking for?”

The Diazes started to panic as they glanced worriedly at each other. Who was going to take the blame?

Just then, a Rolls-Royce stopped in front of the Diazes’ mansion.

A suave young man got out of the car. From his tailored suit to his carriage, it was too clear to see that he came from a wealthy family background.

He stepped up and addressed the crowd. “Isn’t the Hellish Heaven Gang going a little too far this time? I mean, even us Johnsons never went this far before.”

Everyone was shocked.

“Is that Lucas Johnson?”

“You mean THE Lucas Johnson, the one from one of the five wealthiest families here in Queenstown? The heir?”

“Pfft, you’re really ignorant.”

“How could you have never heard of Mr. Johnson before?”

“He’s one of the smartest and most handsome men in Queenstown.”

“Is it really him?”

“What’s he doing here?”

“This is getting so much more interesting.”

“I’m so glad I came today.”

Mateo Williams narrowed his eyes as he looked at Lucas. What was one of the Johnsons doing here at the Diazes’ family mansion?

Compared to the Johnsons, the Diazes were a mere speck of dust and not even worth mentioning.

What was going on today?

Mateo could not touch the Diazes if the Johnsons would not allow it. The Johnsons had true power and influence over everything in Queenstown, with connections to almost everyone in the city. Long story short, even the Hellish Heaven Gang had to obey the Johnsons.

Mateo smiled politely at Lucas. “My apologies, Mr. Johnson.”

Lucas nodded and strode wordlessly towards Robert. “Mr. Diaz, I would like to ask for your granddaughter’s hand in marriage.”


The Diazes could hardly believe their ears.

The fact that Lucas Johnson had his eyes set on one of the Diazes had all the single ladies among them quivering in delight. One of them stood a chance to become a Johnson themselves!

If they successfully married into the Johnson family, then they would be set for life!

Olivia Diaz was confident that she was going to be selected as Lucas Johnson’s wife. Aside from Avery Diaz, nob*dy else in the family was as pretty as she was.

Robert was pleased to hear this news. This was his chance to gain the favor of the Johnson family. He would do everything in his might to make it a reality.

“Of course, Mr. Johnson. My granddaughters are all smart and beautiful women. Please, take your pick!”

The Diazes waited in anticipation.

Mateo rolled his eyes in disgust. “I’ve never seen anyone suck up to Mr. Johnson so shamelessly before.”

The Diazes just threw him dirty looks.

Lucas scanned the crowd of young ladies and finally rested his gaze on Avery. “That’s her. She’s the one I want,” he said.

“I would like to ask you for Avery’s hand in marriage, Mr. Diaz. I hope that you will agree to it.”

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Invincible Commander by Claire (Sam and Anne) Novel

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Invincible Commander by Claire (Sam and Anne) Novel

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There was a man who had not spoken for the past three years at the Queenstown Psychiatric Hospital, located in the Loang Empire. All of his attention was focused on an old cell phone. The phone, which had been silent all these years, suddenly began to ring. The number was not one that he was familiar with, but he answered the call regardless.

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