Invincible Commander by Claire Chapter 14

Invincible Commander by Claire Chapter 14

Chapter 14 

Street lamps lit up the bustling city every evening

Today, there was something Somewhat off with Queenstown. The whole city was covered in a mysterious haze

What’s up in Queenstown today?” 

Why are there so many tanks and soldiers in Queenstown?” 

I’m not sure about it, but I heard there is a group of mysterious generals from the Northern Troops” 

I heard they’ve all been to war,” 

They’ve seen bloodshed and have blood on their hands.” 

I heard that all the roads to Lilly Mansions have been closed. It was by order from the military 

I feel like there’s going to be a big change in Queenstown. f**k, this is scary” 


Why are you scared? It’s not like you’re going to die. This has nothing to do with you 


Why isn’t there any news about this in the media! That’s so weird.” 

LookIsn’t that our governor’s car?” 

Wait. That’s Governor Henderson. Where is he rushing to

Behind him is a car from the Inspectorate Office. Is Mr. Griffin going too?” 

That’s perplexing. I guess there’s going to be something big happening in Queenstown.” 

Make way! Make way!” 

Meanwhile, at the Diazesmansion. Robert led the whole Diaz family to kneel on the ground

Everyone was flabbergasted as they trembled slightly at the sight of 120 threestar generals before them. 

Those people with corrupt intentions started to feel ill at ease and fearful. All these men were threestar generals


e were an army of them here now

Even one threestar general was enough to make a citizen tremble in fear, yet now there was an army of them here

The sight was impactful and indescribable

It was eerily quiet. Someone broke the silence by falling to his knees on the ground. Everyone else followed suit

The sound of knees hitting the ground filled the air

Everyone present was pale and their m*uths were dry

With a trembling voice, they said, We welcome you, honorable generals.” 


Chapter 14 

If any one of these generals were to stay in Queenstown, they would be granted great authority. They had survived the cruelest of battlefields as they fought for the Empire

It was because of their great sacrifice that everyone led peaceful lives

The Empire’s generals should be honored and treated with the utmost respect

When he saw all these people kneeling and bowing. Mateo was shocked. He wanted to say something but the pressure from those generals was too overbearing. He could only follow and kneel down himself. With a shaky voice, he said, We welcome. you, honorable generals.” 

Next, every member of the Hellish Heaven Gang followed suit and knelt, their heads bowed. If even Mr. Johnson had bowed, how could they not? This wasn’t the time to mess around. In the worstcase scenario, they might even lose their lives

Those soldiers stood there firmly as if they were waiting for their commander to take action. They didn’t even bat an eyelid. at the onlookersactions

Tonight would be a sleepless night for those in the Lilly Mansions

Tonight, what happened in Queenstown would definitely spread through and shake the Empire

It was all because of one man. That man was the commander that had gone missing three years ago, the leader of the Gods 

of War

All slight breeze blew past the soldiers as they held their ground

They stood there showcasing their skull insignia. On their shoulders, the three gleaming stars were captivating enough to attract everyone’s attention

Kneeling on the ground, the audience’s faces were ashen as sweat rolled down

However, Sam was eating fruits and drinking wine while watching this scene unfold in front of him

Even with so many people kneeling before him, it did not spark any emotion in his 


Robert was sweating like crazy. When he glanced at Sam, he nearly fainted. His heart pounded wildly as he thought


Invincible Commander by Claire (Sam and Anne) Novel

Invincible Commander by Claire (Sam and Anne) Novel

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The Invincible Commander by Claire (Sam and Anne) Novel Read Free

  • (Sam and Anne) Novel Summary

Sam Parker fought valiantly in the battlefield, but he received news that his daughter was sold. The next moment, millions of soldiers flew into rage.Sam was hunted down by his family, and his fiancée destroyed their potential marriage right in front of him. All he had left was his daughter, and he treasured his daughter more than his own life. He would not hesitate to tear the entire family of whoever dared to harm his daughter into shreds!

Invincible Commander by Claire (Sam and Anne) Novel

Novel Invincible Commander by Claire Full CHapters

There was a man who had not spoken for the past three years at the Queenstown Psychiatric Hospital, located in the Loang Empire. All of his attention was focused on an old cell phone. The phone, which had been silent all these years, suddenly began to ring. The number was not one that he was familiar with, but he answered the call regardless.

Invincible Commander by Claire


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