Invincible Commander by Claire Chapter 15

Invincible Commander by Claire Chapter 15

Chapter 15 

Sam’s eyes were gleaming. Even those generals could not help but marvel at the sight of their commander. Their commander had singlehandedly shaken the whole Empire and protected the Northern border

Back then, their Emperor had gone back on his word and betrayed Sam. He had no choice but to send Sam off away because of his fear

Yet today, the Northern border was in trouble. Their enemies knew that their commander was gone, so, in those years of silence, they began their attack

Now the safety of the Empire was under threat. The Emperor could only send his generals to beg for their commander’s 


Their almighty commander was invincible. The Northern Troops missed him greatly

We beg for the commander’s return!” 

The generals had tears in their eyes as they stood firmly, yet somehow, their voices were gentle and full of emotion

Before them was their leader, their commander. If he was there, they had nothing to fear. They would gladly follow him onto any battlefield

As generals, they knew that protecting their country was their duty. They were sure that, once Sam returned, they would be able to change the tides and win the battle

Sam’s gaze darkened as his demeanor became more domineering. No general dared to look him in the eye

Leave!Sam roared once again

It was like time had stopped. Other than the sounds of the helicopters in the sky, the world was quiet

A few seconds later, the generals shouted in sync, Yes sir!” 

Attention! About face, march!” 

Watching the army of generals leave, everyone breathed a sigh of relief

The tanks and helicopters followed suit

The Lilly Mansions returned to its peaceful state as people slowly stood up. Their faces were full of shock, trying to comprehend what had just happened

Robert stood up, his b*dy and voice trembling. It was obvious that he was petrified

Liam was confused as he frowned and asked, GrandfatherWho were those people?” 

Robert’s eyes widened as said slowly. They are the Northern Troops.” 

Liam rolled his eyes and said contemptuously, What’s the big deal with these Northern Troops? They’re just soldiers. We have a lot of soldiers in Queenstown too

You useless thing! Everyone from the Northern Troops has blood on their hands. They are the Emperor’s underlings. Do 

think our soldiers can win against them? Don’t say such nonsense in the future.” 


Everyone who was listening to their conversation breathed a sigh of relief. Luckily, they had kneeled just now

16:03 Mon, 29 Apr 

Chapter 15 

Robert glanced at Sam in confusion

For a second, a thought flashed through Robert’s mind, but it passed as soon as it came

Robert glared at Sam and scolded, You psychoYou nearly ruined our family.” 

Everyone was unhappy with Sam’s actions

At that moment, Lucas stood up and glanced at Olivia, who was winking at him. She bit her l*p and pulled her dress up slightly

Lucas had always been a lecherous man. His m*uth went dry as he saw the sight

He walked to stand next to Robert and said, Mr. Diaz, did you mean what you said before?” 

Robert was stunned and laughed. Of course, I’ve always been a man of my words.” 

Lucas smiled. In that case, I wish to marry Olivia. Please give us your blessing.” 

Everyone was once again stunned by this change of events

The Diaz family was obviously happy with this, especially Charlie. If his daughter married into the Johnson family, their future would be bright

Olivia was pleased, her eyes sparkling. When she moved past Avery, she purposely herself straighter and looked at Avery in disgust as she walked into Lucas’s embrace

With a seductive voice, Olivia said, Mr. Johnson, you have great taste. I have been waiting for you for so long.” 

The guests there were rendered speechless

All the outsiders thought that the Diaz family had no dignity. They would do everything they could to have a child marry into a rich family

Lucas touched Olivia’s waist with a smile. He looked at Robert and said, Mr. Robert, please excuse me. I have a few things I need to discuss with Olivia.” 

Robert was ecstatic. Of course, of course. It’s important for a couple to have good communication.” 

Before leaving, Olivia walked up to Avery and smiled Avery, you can’t win against me. You can only be with this psycho for the rest of your life. I wonder how long it would take before I get you kicked out of the family?” 

Watching Olivia walk off, Avery could only feel disgusted by her cheap tricks

At that 

at moment, a group of people came running over, breathing beavily and covered in sweat

It was as if they had something very important to get to 

When the people in the crowd got a closer look, they were shocked

One of the men was the governor of Queenstown, David Henderson, along with Pete Griffin of the Inspectorate Office. Behind them were more Queenstown officials

When they saw these people, everyone was shocked. What was going on today

Before this, 120 generals from the Northern Troops showed up on the doorstep. Before these Queenstown officials arrived, they had all left already

Chapter 15 

Were they here to meet the mysterious man the generals had been here for

On the way here, what David had seen shocked him. The roads were littered with abandoned vehicles and he had assumed the worst

Everyone was dumbfounded. These people were influential figures in Queenstown. It was nearly impossible to even catch sight of them. But today, they managed to catch a glimpse of these influential people

The heads of a few of the major families had already rushed up to greet them

Mr. Henderson, why are you here?” 

Mr. Henderson, is something wrong? The Diaz family is willing to help

The Hellish Heaven Gang is at your service.” 

David frowned as he shouted, Everyone, f**k off. Did anyone meet the Northern Troops Commander?” 

Invincible Commander by Claire (Sam and Anne) Novel

Invincible Commander by Claire (Sam and Anne) Novel

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Sam Parker fought valiantly in the battlefield, but he received news that his daughter was sold. The next moment, millions of soldiers flew into rage.Sam was hunted down by his family, and his fiancée destroyed their potential marriage right in front of him. All he had left was his daughter, and he treasured his daughter more than his own life. He would not hesitate to tear the entire family of whoever dared to harm his daughter into shreds!

Invincible Commander by Claire (Sam and Anne) Novel

Novel Invincible Commander by Claire Full CHapters

There was a man who had not spoken for the past three years at the Queenstown Psychiatric Hospital, located in the Loang Empire. All of his attention was focused on an old cell phone. The phone, which had been silent all these years, suddenly began to ring. The number was not one that he was familiar with, but he answered the call regardless.

Invincible Commander by Claire


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