Invincible Commander by Claire Chapter 5

Invincible Commander by Claire Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Married To The Crazy Idiot

“This is perfect. I love your resume. You’re hired!” Liam was laughing, but his expression was one of scorn as he looked at Sam. It was as if Sam was a creature unworthy of his attention.

The people around them also looked at Sam, glee vaguely mixed in with their disdain.

Sam felt uneasy. “What’s the job about? When do I get paid? I need the money urgently.”

Liam burst out in laughter and replied contemptuously, “Don’t worry. This is the dream job that you’ve been looking for. It’s so easy that you could do it with your eyes shut. You’ll get paid right after the end of this ceremony, I promise.”

Sam could hardly believe his ears. What kind of a job was this?

Whatever it was, he could not bring himself to be too bothered about it. All that mattered was that he could get the money as soon as possible.

Next to Liam, a man leaned over and joked, “With this crazy idiot as a husband, that b**ch Avery is as good as gone. We might as well use this opportunity to get her banished from the family forever.”

“It’s as if you read my mind. She’s no match for me, especially with this psycho and his 6-year-old daughter to hold her back. It’s perfect,” Liam chuckled.

He could already imagine how defeated and disheveled Avery would be. Just the thought of it was extremely satisfying.

At that moment, the host started addressing the crowd. “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the impromptu wedding ceremony of Ms. Avery Diaz! Please take your seats as the ceremony will be starting shortly.”

Somewhere offstage, Avery’s face was deathly pale as she trembled in her seat. Never had she thought that she would end up being forced into marriage like it was nothing more than a joke.

“Thomas Diaz, you useless piece of shit! Do something! Don’t let your daughter get auctioned off like pigs at a market!”

Linda Flores, Avery’s mother, glared angrily at her husband. “Fine, if you don’t have the guts to do anything, I will! I refuse to believe that the old man will allow his own granddaughter to be ruined like this!”

Linda could not take it anymore and burst into tears. She did not want her daughter to experience what she herself had gone through, marrying a useless husband. She had wanted Avery to find herself a good husband and settle down. That was her only wish, and even that was being taken away from her.

She had to do something about it.

Just as Linda got up from her seat, Avery caught hold of her mother’s arm and looked at her with a beseeching look on her face. “Mom, what are you doing? You can’t go against Grandpa like that! You know what he’s like! If you were to tell him about this, he’d feel completely humiliated, and he’ll definitely take back our shares in the company.” Avery was almost in tears at this point.

Linda sighed in dismay. Avery had a point. The old man was the head of the family and nob*dy was allowed to go against him. If she caused a scene now and embarrassed him in public, their whole family would lose their right to the inheritance.

Thomas remained silent throughout the exchange between his wife and daughter. There was nothing he could do anyway.

In the midst of all the confusion, Sam was pushed onto the stage that was set up in the middle of the conference hall. The entire room fell silent as all eyes focused on him. Suddenly, the spectators started to whisper amongst themselves.

“Did they just get a random beggar from the streets? Look at the state of his clothes!”

“Where the hell did they find someone like this? What a lucky idiot!”

“I heard that he’s actually not right in the head. He’s even got a 6-year-old daughter hidden somewhere.”

“No way! This is his second marriage?”

“So this is what happens when you end up in Liam’s bad books!”

“What a pity!”

“Such a waste of a pretty face…”

Liam stepped on stage and took the microphone from the host. “Welcome, everyone,” he said with a sly smile, “To Avery’s impromptu wedding ceremony. After going through hundreds of applicants as her husband-to-be, we have decided that Mr. Sam Parker here is the best match for her.”

With all eyes and ears on him, Liam continued to speak. “Allow me to give you a summary of Mr. Parker’s background. He served in the army for a while and has been living in the Queenstown Psychiatric Hospital for the past three years. He’s also a single father with a 6-year-old daughter…”

Liam had never felt so smug in his life. He had won this time. There was no way Avery could recover from this.

Everyone was stunned. It was supposed to be an impromptu wedding ceremony, but it seemed more like Avery’s execution.

Avery stared in dismay at the person on stage. Tears flowed down her face and she was filled with despair. If not for her elderly parents, she would not hesitate to end her life.

Linda’s heart ached for Avery. “Avery, are you okay? Don’t worry, once this farce is over, I’ll make sure this idiot is out of our lives.”

The rest of the wedding ceremony continued smoothly. By late afternoon, Sam and Avery were already legally married.

The moment Sam set his eyes on Avery, he was taken aback. Was this not Ms. Diaz from the day before?

Avery had not paid attention to him either. It was only after they were done with everything that she got a look at him. It was the hooligan from the day before!

“What are you doing here?”

Sam cursed inwardly. Was this supposed to be some kind of sick twist of fate? What the f**k was going on?

“I don’t know,” he replied honestly.

“Ugh!” Avery was exasperated. What an idiot!

Linda looked at both of them suspiciously. “Do you know each other?”

“No, I don’t know him,” Avery replied.

Linda snatched the marriage certificate away and tore it in half, then yelled at Sam, “Don’t you dare wish that you could stick to us for the rest of your life. Let’s go get the divorce settled right now!”

“Hold on,” Sam said, shaking his head with a smile. “I haven’t got my money yet.”

“What are you talking about?”

“My wages, of course!”

Just then, Liam happened to pass by with his elder sister, Olivia Diaz.

“We came over to congratulate you, Avery. You must be overjoyed!” Liam smirked.

“Yes, I wouldn’t have expected your taste in men to be so… unique,” Olivia chimed in.

“Indeed. Well, what are you waiting for?” Liam asked. “Now that the ceremony is over, it’s time to prepare to consummate the wedding. Your husband used to be in the army, right? Maybe he has some special tricks up his sleeve to pleasure you!” He let out a loud guffaw.

It was clear to Sam that all of this was just a coup to get Avery out of the Diaz family, but he did not want to stick his nose into someone else’s matters. The only thing he cared about at the moment was treating Anne’s illness.

Sam approached Liam. “So, where are my wages?”

“Huh?” Liam stared at Sam a little awkwardly and laughed, “What wages? Who said anything about wages? Did you really think that I was going to pay you? Anyway, you’ve already gotten such a beautiful wife in the process, which is more than enough repayment. Now, run along and consummate the wedding instead of wasting time here, you idiot.”

In fact, Liam felt like cursing at Sam. Avery was one of the prettiest women in Queenstown, yet Sam was completely uninterested in her. Could he even be considered a man?

At Liam’s words, Sam’s face turned stormy and he looked at Liam coldly. If there was one thing he hated, it was being lied to.

Seeing the change in Sam’s attitude, Liam immediately took a step back. He had never seen such a scary look on anyone’s face before. “W-What are you up to?”

“Where are my wages?” Sam was outraged. Anne’s life depended on this money!

“F**k off, you crazy f**ker, I don’t have any money!” Liam did not believe that Sam would do anything to hurt him, but he was proven wrong when Sam grabbed him and lifted him into the air effortlessly, eliciting screams from everyb*dy present.

Avery was so stunned that she was lost for words. This violent man was her husband? Was he really not right in the head?

Liam was terrified. He trembled and gave in at once, saying hurriedly, “Sam, let’s settle this like civilized people! I’ll pay you right now, so let me down!”

There was no knowing what Sam would do to him if he were truly provoked. After all, Sam was a psycho, and he probably did not have any qualms about hurting him. Liam decided to just give him the 95,000 dollars to get him off his case. He could just get even next time.

Sam threw Liam onto the ground. “Give me the money now.” The frostiness in his tone instinctively made one want to shudder, and his demeanor was completely different from before.

“Liam, are you alright?” Olivia stomped her foot and shrieked at Sam, “You’re a f**king psycho! How could you just attack someone like that?”

“Olivia, that’s exactly what he is!” Liam regretted not bringing his b*dyguards with him. He was no match for Sam, and one wrong move could send him to his death.

It was only after Sam received a notification confirming that he had received 95,000 dollars that he relaxed.

“I’m done here,” he said to Avery as he turned to leave. “If you need me for anything, just let me know.”

Avery watched him leave, still rooted to the spot. She was not sure why, but she had felt exalted at the sight of Sam dealing with Liam.

“Let’s go, Avery. The next time we see him, you’re getting a divorce,” said Linda, as she pulled her daughter towards the exit.

Liam cursed under his breath. He swore that he would get his revenge on that psycho someday.

Sam called Shadow and told him to send Anne to the hospital so that they could arrange for her to be hospitalized that day itself.

The next morning, the whole of Queenstown was abuzz with news of Avery’s sudden marriage to a psycho. All her admirers, especially the ones from affluent families, were enraged. Overnight, Sam was transformed into Queenstown’s most hated person.

That night, Sam was in the middle of preparing food for Anne as per the doctor’s instructions when the door to his rented home was pushed open.

Avery stood in the doorway.

“What are you doing here?” Sam asked, his heart sinking. Was she here to chase him out?

“This place belongs to me now. I have every right to be here,” Avery said huffily.

Her icy persona was still intact, but Sam could detect a hint of weariness in her eyes. She sat herself down on the couch and said, “Don’t forget that I’m legally your wife now. There’s nothing wrong with me dropping by to say hi every now and then.”

“Really?” Sam asked drily. “Cut the act and just tell me what you’re here for. If you want a divorce, so be it. Just let me know when and where to sign.”

Invincible Commander by Claire (Sam and Anne) Novel

Invincible Commander by Claire (Sam and Anne) Novel

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Sam Parker fought valiantly in the battlefield, but he received news that his daughter was sold. The next moment, millions of soldiers flew into rage.Sam was hunted down by his family, and his fiancée destroyed their potential marriage right in front of him. All he had left was his daughter, and he treasured his daughter more than his own life. He would not hesitate to tear the entire family of whoever dared to harm his daughter into shreds!

Invincible Commander by Claire (Sam and Anne) Novel

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There was a man who had not spoken for the past three years at the Queenstown Psychiatric Hospital, located in the Loang Empire. All of his attention was focused on an old cell phone. The phone, which had been silent all these years, suddenly began to ring. The number was not one that he was familiar with, but he answered the call regardless.

Invincible Commander by Claire


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