Invincible Commander by Claire Chapter 6

Invincible Commander by Claire Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Robbery

“You…” Avery was speechless. She refused to believe that Sam was not attracted to her at all.

After all, she was known in Queenstown for her beauty. This was her first time being ignored so thoroughly by a man.

A sense of defeat washed over her. She was even more sure of the fact that Sam was out of his mind.

Avery sighed. She knew that even if she and Sam were to get divorced, her family would just force her into another marriage. If that were the case, she was actually better off with Sam, since they would only be married in name.

She looked at Sam and said lightly, “There’s a family gathering tomorrow. I came to let you know that you have to attend with me.”

“I can’t. I don’t have the time for that.” Sam rejected her without hesitation.

He did not have the time or patience to attend any family gatherings at the moment. He needed to pay back his debt to Stefan by taking care of Anne. He had been given a second chance when he was reunited with Anne, and there was no way he would allow anything to happen to her.

Avery was taken aback. It seemed that Sam truly was not right in the head! How could he allow such a good opportunity to sl*p away?

Could it be that she was not as attractive as she had thought? Avery looked down at her b*dy insecurely, instinctively straightening herself up as she went.

To her dismay, Sam did not even spare her a glance. Could he even be considered a man?

If she did not bring Sam along with her, her grandfather would not let her off the hook. Avery was upset, but she did not know how to approach Sam. After all, they barely knew each other.

Avery bit her l*p and asked again, “Please, can you come? Take it as doing me a favor.”

“I can’t. I’ve told you, I need to take care of my daughter.” Once again, Sam rejected her without hesitation.

Avery was furious. How could he be so dismissive of her when she was already taking the initiative?

For the first time in her life, Avery experienced the feeling of being ignored by a man.

After a while, something occurred to her and she said, “If you help me with this, I’ll let you stay here for free!”

She really could not think of anything else that would tempt him.

“Really?” When Sam heard this, he immediately turned to focus on their conversation.

Avery glared at him. If not for her grandfather specifically telling her to bring Sam along, she would not even be bothering with him.

She stood up and said, “It’s settled, then. I’ll pick you up tomorrow evening!” After that, she left.

A small smile formed on Sam’s l*ps. Avery was cuter than he had expected. Though money was not an issue to him, he wanted to avoid resorting to desperate measures for as long as he could.

Everything was moving along smoothly on Anne’s side. She had to undergo several tests for the next few days, and Sam instructed Shadow to keep an eye on things.

The next day, around 7 in the evening, Avery arrived to pick Sam up as agreed. He was already waiting for her downstairs. The moment he got into the car, he sensed the frostiness coming from the backseat.

He turned around to see a middle-aged couple sitting there. Obviously, they were Avery’s parents.

At that moment, Linda was glaring daggers at Sam. Despite his discomfort, he still decided to greet them out of courtesy. “Good evening, Mr. and Mrs. Diaz.”

“How can anything be good for someone with an idiot as a son-in-law?” Linda grumbled in response.

She continued, “How shameless can you be, having my daughter to chauffeur you around? You two had better get that divorce settled as soon as possible! Don’t think that you can latch onto us because of this. What have we done to deserve such misfortune? You’re going to ruin my daughter’s reputation!”

Glaring at Sam, Linda rattled on, “You have no idea how many young, eligible bachelors from affluent families are dying to marry my daughter. As for you… It’s bad enough that you already have a daughter. What’s worse is your psychiatric history! You’re nothing but a piece of shit, but my family isn’t some junkyard. Don’t you even dream of joining our family…”

“Are you done?” Sam cut her off. He could not stand it anymore. He did not have any feelings for Avery, and this was not something that he had asked for. In fact, since he had already gotten paid, there was no need for him to sit through such derision.

He said, “If you’re done, then shut your m*uth. Don’t think too highly of yourself. Let me make it clear that I’m completely uninterested in your daughter, and you guys were the ones who begged me to tag along for this gathering. As I mentioned earlier, I’m ready to get this divorce settled at any time, so what gives you the impression that I want to latch onto your family?”

“You…” Linda was furious. What was wrong with this man? Was he really out of his mind?

Avery interrupted Linda before she could say anything else. “Mom, just stop. Things are already embarrassing enough as it is.”

She knew that Sam’s words were true. He was completely uninterested in her. After all, he barely even looked her in the eye whenever they saw each other.

“Alright then. Sam Parker, isn’t it? Don’t you forget everything that you’ve said today!” Linda spat.

Sam ignored her.

Over the next half an hour, the atmosphere in the car remained tense as they headed towards the suburbs of Queenstown. Nob*dy spoke, and Sam eventually dozed off.

All of a sudden, he was jolted awake by Avery’s scream, which was followed by the sound of the car screeching to a halt. A sharp pain shot through him as his forehead slammed against the windshield.

Before Sam could let out a string of expletives, he caught sight of the row of men standing in front of them and looking at Avery gleefully.

Linda and Thomas had both turned pale. Avery was in shock as well. If she had not stepped on the brakes in time, she would have blood on her hands.

“What are you guys doing? Don’t you know how dangerous it is to stand in the middle of the road like that?” Avery got out of the car and shouted at the men angrily.

Sam pressed his fingers to his forehead and found that it was already starting to swell.

“Check it out, isn’t this one of Queenstown’s most well-known beauties, Avery Diaz? It’s no wonder Boss is interested in her. I know I wouldn’t be able to resist!” One of the men, Bruce, appraised Avery lecherously while the others circled around her.

Avery sensed that something was wrong and took a few steps back. She looked at them warily and asked, “What do you want?”

“It’s nothing, really. We’re just here to invite you to spend some time with our Boss. Just so you know, all the women that our Boss has taken a fancy to have either gone on to live successful lives or ended up dead. You should probably be smart enough to make the right choice here.”

The blood drained from Avery’s face. At this moment, she was already backed up against the car. Linda and Thomas had no choice but to get out of the car to help her.

“What are you all trying to do? Don’t cause trouble for my daughter. If this continues, I’m going to call the police.” Linda hoped to scare them off by bringing the police into this.

Bruce let out a laugh at her words. “The police? That’s the biggest joke I’ve ever heard. F**k the police! They have nothing on us!”

The other thugs laughed as well.

“What do you think you’re doing? Don’t come here…”

Thomas forced himself to step in front of Linda and Avery. No matter what, the two of them were his closest family. If he could not muster up the courage to protect them, could he even be considered a man?

At that moment, Bruce shot Linda a few lecherous looks. He chuckled, “Well, well, well. Like mother, like daughter. I never would’ve expected someone’s mother to still look so hot. Looks like we’re in for some fun today!”

“You…” Linda’s face turned beet red, but she could not come up with a retort. She was no match for their shamelessness.

Regardless of how cowardly Thomas was, he refused to allow these thugs to humiliate and defile his wife and daughter like this. He gritted his teeth and took a step forward, yelling, “Get lost, you scumbags, before I…”

Bruce cut Thomas off with a tight slap across the face, the force of it making his head spin. He spat out a m*uthful of blood.

Invincible Commander by Claire (Sam and Anne) Novel

Invincible Commander by Claire (Sam and Anne) Novel

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Sam Parker fought valiantly in the battlefield, but he received news that his daughter was sold. The next moment, millions of soldiers flew into rage.Sam was hunted down by his family, and his fiancée destroyed their potential marriage right in front of him. All he had left was his daughter, and he treasured his daughter more than his own life. He would not hesitate to tear the entire family of whoever dared to harm his daughter into shreds!

Invincible Commander by Claire (Sam and Anne) Novel

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There was a man who had not spoken for the past three years at the Queenstown Psychiatric Hospital, located in the Loang Empire. All of his attention was focused on an old cell phone. The phone, which had been silent all these years, suddenly began to ring. The number was not one that he was familiar with, but he answered the call regardless.

Invincible Commander by Claire


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