Loved by the twin alphas by Stephen Chapter 1

Loved by the twin alphas by Stephen Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Alexia regretted coming to the school cafeteria to eat, just like always. There were a thousand isolated places around the school for her to curl into and hurriedly eat her lunch, but her sister, Kayla would never let her be.

Kayla’s wolf was sharp and had very keen senses, just like the other wolves of their pack, so she could easily find Alexia no matter where she hid. She took sickening pleasure in bullying her, not just in private, but with an audience to make the humiliation more potent.

And Alexia was too weak, helpless and pathetic to change the situation. So she just gave up on trying to avoid it, and began to come to the cafeteria to have lunch again. Even if it meant being turned into a clown for the entertainment of the entire school.

Just like she was now.

She shakily raised her fork to her m*uth but a loud bang rocked her table, and she ended up spilling the food over her shirt.

Laughter erupted.

Swallowing down a tired sigh, Alexia brushed off the mess from her shirt but it was no use. An oily stain had already ruined the fabric, making her look more pathetic than she already did. Her stomach was rumbling with hunger, yet her tongue felt heavy.

She had lost her appetite.

“That ugly color suits her, don’t you think, Kayla?”

A sickening feminine voice asked in amusement, and Alexia did not have to look up to know that it was one of Kayla’s many admirers and followers.

Kayla was standing right in front of the table, her arms crossed under her barely covered breasts, as she glared down at her sister with a wicked smirk.

“No color suits her. Not even that ugly stain on her shirt. As a matter of fact, she is a stain to my family. A f**king freak.”

She spat.

Degrading laughs and taunts followed, showing that the crowd would agree with anything Kayla said.

A male voice called out,

“I bet you would make a stain look amazing, Kayla!”

“How do you even cope with having a worthless freak for a sister?”

More words were thrown like blazing hot rocks at Alexia, and she merely kept her head down, trying to shrink into herself. Meanwhile Kayla was smiling with pleasure, as the others booster her pride and who with their words.

She wanted to get a reaction out of Alexia, but she was just not getting it. So, she slammed her hand on the table, and snapped,

“Don’t you have anything to say to defend yourself? I remember when you used to whine and try to stand up against me.”

She let out a loud laugh

“Why did you suddenly stop? Did you finally learn your lesson? Did you finally understand that the both of us are not equals? Huh? Answer me, you freak!”

Alexia remained mute, causing Kayla to look like a fool talking to herself. She smiled slowly, her voice lowering into a threat,

“Oh? You won’t talk? It’s fine, sister. Let me just wash off that ugly stain for you.”

She grabbed the can of soda on the table, twisted it open and turned it upside down in Alexia’s head, dunking all of the liquid all over her.

Alexia gasped in shock, shifting on her seat as she tried to avoid the soda but humiliation and shock had her frozen. Loud laughs and hoots of encouragement rose from the crowd watching, as they found her humiliation very entertaining.

Kayla shook the can to make sure every drop had fallen on Alexia’s head, before she tossed the can sideways with a triumphant grin,

“There. All clean.”

Her friends laughed along with her, while Alexia shakily tried to wipe the soda from her drenched face, trying to hold back the tears about to burst from her eyes. But she was failing.

As her fingers tried to peel her wet shirt away from her skin, she felt the incredible sadness and heavy sobs clawing up her throat. But she knew she could not let herself cry in front of Kayla and the rest of the school. That was exactly what they wanted, and crying would only get them more excited.

How could her own sister do this?

The bullying, usually led by Kayla, or sometimes orch*st rated by other students, became a daily occurrence in her life since the day her father, the beta of their pack, learnt that she could not shift into her wolf like her other mates could. That had earned her so much hate and contempt from the pack, that she had become an outcast.

In her family. In school. Everyone took any opportunities they found to run her to the ground. Kayla, her sister, made sure of it.

After all, she was the star of the family. The perfect daughter. An all-rounder.

Beautiful, with long platinum locks that ran down her attractive b*dy like a waterfall. Even her wolf had the most beautiful white fur in the pack. She was popular among members of the pack, and in school. Friends flocked to her to do her bidding. And to crown it all off, she was dating the notoriously gorgeous Alpha twins of the pack.

Compared to Kayla, Alexia was nothing.

And she knew that. She just wished they did not add to her pain by constantly bullying her. Was that too much to ask for?

“Huh? Look, is that freak crying?”

Someone suddenly noticed the tears gathering in Alexia’s eyes, as she sat in her chair, soaked in soda.

Kayla’s blue eyes lit up in satisfaction as she inched closer, bending down to get a proper look at her sister’s face, but Alexia shot out of her chair and ran in the opposite direction, leaving a trail of soda behind her.

“That’s right, freak. Run and hide, that’s the only thing you can do anyway!”

Kayla sneered after her, and after her words came the sound of laughter, haunting Alexia she took the last step out of the cafeteria.

Alexia was partly blind as she hurried through the hallways, dodging people who gave her weird and hostile stares. Her heart was pounding so hard it actually hurt, and she was sobbing into her hands, eyes burning with tears.

When she slammed into a restroom, she was glad to find it completely empty, so she collapsed against the wall and slid to the floor. Her crying and sniffing was the only sound echoing off the tiled walls as she hid her head down into her knees.

She remained in that position for what felt like hours, when it had only, in fact, been just a few minutes.

Her strength was sapped, and no more tears were left in her reddened and puffy eyes to continue crying. So she slowly got up from the floor and stared at her pathetic reflection in the mirror. She almost physically winced at how terrible she looked.

Her wavy red hair now hung in ugly and wet dark strings down her head, like an old mop. Her shirt was stained, drenched and discolored. And her green eyes looked dull, swollen and dead. Even her tan skin had taken on a patchy, pale undertone, while the area around her eyes were red from her prolonged crying.

A complete mess.

Sniffing, she lowered her head into the sink and ran the faucet so the water could rinse the soda out of her hair. As she mechanically cleaned herself up, that sadness she felt evened out into the emptiness she was more used to.

After all, she had faced things much worse than a school humiliation. Her father had already deprived her of all of her rights, so many of that able-bodied wolves of the pack had turned her into their punching bag.

She rinsed her hair out and dried it with a towel, before loosening the hoodie tied around her waist. Thankfully, it was dry, as her hair, head and shirt took most of the soda. Slowly, she took off her shirt, trying to ignore the fading red bruise on her arm where a wolf had pushed her sometime back.

At least it was fading fast, and the pain from the bruise was already gone.

She threw the shirt into the trash, since it was permanently discolored, and put on the hoodie instead, pulling the hood to cover her head.

Finally feeling a little more presentable, Alexia looked back at her reflection. Her face was in the cocoon the large hoodie provided, but her eyes remained dull and hopeless. After all, her life was worthless, and had no meaning if she could not shift into her wolf.

Every other person in the school was a strong, full-fledged wolf, that made her the weakest. The freak, like everyone called her. Unequal, among her mates. It made her a stain against the reputation of her family. It made her disappointed who no one wanted to associate with.

It made her so sad, so miserable. So lonely.

That made her, the outcast.

Loved by the twin alphas by Stephen

Loved by the twin alphas by Stephen

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She is the rejected daughter of the Beta, the girl who gets bullied and treated like a rag at school, the girl who couldn’t shift like her mates.An abomination.Alexia does not have any aim in life and wishes she was never born. Her sister was popular, beautiful, had a wolf, was loved by her father and was to be Luna In a few weeks.She was everything she wasn’t.But what happens when the moon goddess makes her the Alphas’ fated mate instead?

Loved by the twin alphas by Stephen


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