The Kings of Whitehaven Her Keepers by Stacy Rush Chapter 11

The Kings of Whitehaven Her Keepers by Stacy Rush Chapter 11

Chapter 11 

It turns out to be more of a sausage party than anything, with very limited girls. I think there may be one girl to every four to five guys, if that and most of the girls come with one of the guys. The few that do come on their own hang all over the Kings like flies on shit and the guys just soak it up. Again, I wonder what the point is in having me here when they aren’t even paying attention to me except for when they need a drink refill

There is a girl hanging all over my stepbrother with her tits practically hanging out. He has his hand around her waist but as soon as I make a move to go get me a water, he lets her go and grabs my arm

Where are you going?” 

I’m going for a water. I would have said something, but you were a bit busy.I look the other girl up and down and maybe it was with just a bit of distaste because she glares at me

Well, I need another beer.Xander says

Okay, I’ll grab it.I glance at the other two and see that they are too busy making out with their girls, but I do notice that their drinks are almost empty, so I make a mental note to grab them one as well

I go to leave and the girl by Xander’s side speaks up, I’ll take another seltzer as well.” 

Turning, I glance at her and then raise a brow at my stepbrother but all he does is smirk and then shrug. I roll my eyes and then head toward the kitchen. So many eyes are on me as I make my way through the throng of people crowding the rooms. I’m constantly pulling my dress 


Chapter 11 

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down, especially since I’m now commando, no thanks to my f**king stepbrother

Surprisingly, the kitchen is empty when I enter, and I go to the fridge to grab the drinks for everyone. I squat down to grab the ones on the lower shelf and when I go to stand up, I back into something. Hands come to my waist automatically, Whoa there, beautiful, be careful.An unfamiliar voice says next to my ear

My hands are full, and I know my dress is hiked up just a bit but when I go to place the drinks on the counter, I can’t move because this guy is pulling me against him, Excuse me. I need to get these drinks out to the Kings.I emphasize their name in hopes that would do the trick, but the guy just chuckles

You have a few minutes. They are all out there with their tongues down their slut’s throats. You on the other hand, you are in here all by your lonesome. You look like you could use a little attention yourself.Suddenly we are moving over to the counter right in front of me

Placing the drinks down, I quickly fix my dress, but the guy’s hand is now on my thigh, not allowing for me to do so, Please, I need to go. Xander will get mad if I take too long.” 

I think Xander is going to get mad if you aren’t a good hostess to his guests.The guy chuckles

Oh God, is this what Xander really meant? Did he dress me like this and demand that I’m good to his guests because I’m supposed to cater to their needs? Maybe that’s why there are more guys than girls here at the party. Regardless, I can’t do it, I won’t do it

No, Please, I have to go.I try to break away, but he only shoves me forward, bending me over the countertop. Two of the beer bottles fall over and crash to the floor, breaking on contact. I can feel cold liquid 


Chapter 11 

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and sharp stings to my legs as beer and glass fly all over; tears begin to stream down my face knowing exactly what this guy is about to do

Look what you have done, now Xander is really going to be mad. Now be a good girl for me and I will help you clean this up before he sees it.The stranger’s hand slips between my legs, Oh, what do we have here” 

Suddenly, the guy is gone and all I hear is a struggle taking place. behind me. I’m afraid to look to see who it is that came to my rescue, but I pull my dress down lower anyway and turn around to see Garrett pummeling the other guy’s face. I’m shaking like a leaf as I move to the closet to grab some rags and a broom to start cleaning up the mess on the floor


you okay?Garrett asks as he touches my shoulder and I jump, Hey, it’s okay, it’s only me.” 

I’m not sure if I should be relieved by him saying that or not but I stand up straight and nod regardless as I wipe the tears from my face. He reaches up and helps wipe them away as well

I’m sorry for what that asshole did. Nob*dy should be touching you like that.His voice is a little on the soft side but there is still a hardness to it over the situation, Here,he takes the broom from my hand and sets it aside, come with me for a moment and then you can come back and finish.” 

I nod and watch as he picks the guy on the floor up by his shirt and walks him through the door, towards the area that the rest of the party is taking place. Garrett/shoves the guy forward, making him fall to his knees in front of everyone and then he pulls me to his side

Automatically, both Xander and Trip straighten up and scowl as they look back and forth between me and the guy on the floor

In case no one else got the f**king memo, Kambree is off limits to 


Chapter 11 

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everyb*dy! She is the property of the Kings, and we are the only ones that get to touch her! If anyb*dy has a problem with that, then there’s the f**king door; don’t let it hit your ass on the way out!” 

Garrett’s speech makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. Even though I don’t like the whole being their propertypart, it still makes me feel better knowing that they won’t let anyb*dy else hurt me. The other two Kings come over to us, pissing off the girls that were hanging all over them

What the fuck was this all about?Xander asks as he looks at the guy trying to stand up and head for the front door

I went into the kitchen and this piece of shit,Garrett shoves his foot against the guy’s ass and shoves him to the ground once again, was all over our girl here, not letting her go anywhere, even though she was crying and begging to let her go.He growls, He had her bent over the counter and had his hand up her dress. Xander,he glares at his cousin, because you took her panties, he touched her.” 

I thought I had seen my stepbrother angry before, but that was nothing compared to what he looks like now. He bends over and grabs the guy off the floor, shaking him until the guy looks him in the eye, You dare touch what belongs to me?He asks through gritted teeth

I’m sorry, Xander! Itthought because the way she’s dressed that she was available for the taking!The guy stammers out

Bree is dressed for us because we like looking at her dressed like that; she is not for anyb*dy else. You make sure that you pass that along. Kambree Hayes is the King’s property and anyb*dy that touches her will have our rath come down on them.Xander shoves the guy towards Trip, Take him out back and wait for me.He then turns to me, and I think he may start yelling at me, but he doesn’t, There is a room between mine and Garrett’s; that’s your new room. Go upstairs



Chapter 11 

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you’re done for tonight.” 

I should go finish cleaning up the broken glass” 

No, go. I will have it taken care of.He orders and I don’t argue. I just nod and head for the stairs that will take me up to the floor that I never get to go on

Bree,I turn back to my stepbrother and see that’s he’s looking at my legs, Clean yourself up and I will be up in a bit to look at those cuts.” 

I glance down and see that I have a few areas that have blood drying on them from the glass flying. Seeing movement off to the side, I see the girl that was all over Xander, sidle up to him and place her hand on his chest

Xander, let Trip take care of the guy. How about we go up to your room and I show you how I can take care of you?” 

He flings her hand away, I know how to take care of myself, and if I need anything, I’ve got Bree.He glances up at me briefly before turning and walking towards the back of the house with Garrett following

The girl then turns and shoots daggers at me, Don’t think you can

get your claws into Xander. I’ve had my eyes on him for two years now, and I’m not giving him up without a fight!” 

I roll my eyes and head up the stairs, If he had wanted you, then why did he just turn you down? Give it up and move on.I don’t know what made me say it, but I feel better knowing that Xander won’t be spending the night with another woman



Chapter 11 

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The Kings of Whitehaven Her Keepers by Stacy Rush

The Kings of Whitehaven Her Keepers by Stacy Rush

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Read The Kings of Whitehaven Her Keepers by Stacy Rush Novel - Xander Whitmore Garrett Murdock Trip Huxley They are the popular guys, who are built like Gods, and drip of sin. They are the Kings of Whitehaven University… and my new stepbrother, Xander, is the leader. There is a darkness about them that I can’t quite explain, but it’s that darkness to which draws me to them. I thought that by gaining a brother, I would have someone that would look after me and keep me safe. I was wrong, dead wrong. I should have let them continue ignoring me, because once I bring attention to myself, there is no stopping them. The Kings are my bullies, or as they call themselves, my Keepers. I can’t escape them. When danger comes knocking on my door, they sweep in and move me into their house off campus.

The Kings of Whitehaven Her Keepers by Stacy Rush

They say it’s to keep me safe until the danger is over… But being in the house with the three Kings isn’t any safer. They expect payment for their protection, My b*dy is their payment. It’s their playground… The longer I’m in their grasp, the steeper the payment gets… I’m like a shiny new toy that they like to play with every day. But what will happen once I’m no longer shiny? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is a 3-part very dark college bully reverse harem romance with dark and explicit themes that some may be sensitive to. This title should be read with the knowledge that this is a fictional story and nothing that is written in this story is real. The heroes don’t start off as the heroes, and warming up to them will take time, but I think you will learn to love them in the end. As always there will still be a HEA as with all of my titles.


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