The Kings of Whitehaven Her Keepers by Stacy Rush Chapter 12

The Kings of Whitehaven Her Keepers by Stacy Rush Chapter 12

Chapter 12 

Not knowing whose room is whose, I start opening doors on the right side of the hallway. The first are empty rooms so I can only assume that my room is the middle one on the other side of the hallway. Walking across the hall, I don’t want to just assume, so I open up the first door on this side and, sure enough, Xander’s cologne fills my senses. I don’t need to open any other doors, so I go to the middle door 

and enter

I find that all of my toiletries are already here and wonder how they got them up here so fast. Going to the closet I open it up and realize that these aren’t my clothes, but when I go to close the door, flashes of memory run through my head of trying some of these clothes on. My eyes widen when it hits me that Xander bought all the clothes that I tried on. There are thousands of dollars of clothes hanging up in here, and most of them are not pieces that I would normally wear

Sighing, I walk across the room, which is ten times bigger than the room downstairs, by the way, and check the dresser. I want to cry, There are no pajamas to be had, only nighties and lingerie. What do men think women sleep in? I really didn’t need to finish that thought in my head, because I already know what these three would expect their women to sleep in, but I’m not their woman

I go to head back downstairs to grab a few of my own things but when I open the door, I jump back and shriek, not expecting Trip to be at my door about to knock, Jesus, you scared me!” 

Where are you going?He glances down at my cutup legs,

specifically remember that Xander told me he sent you up here to start cleaning those wounds



Chapter 12 

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He walks right past me as he comes into my new room, rolling my eyes, I plaster a smile on and turn, I was just going to run back down to get a few of my own things. There doesn’t seem to be anything to sleep in up here.” 

He frowns and walks over to the dresser. Opening the top drawer, he pulls out a light blue teddy, What’s this then?” 

I can’t sleep in these; they are too uncomfortable and what if one of you need to come in here for something? I can’t be having you seeing me in something like this?” 

I hate to break it to you, Red, but that’s the only thing you are allowed to sleep in on this floor, unless you want to forgo clothing altogether, then I’m pretty sure we can let it slide. Besides,He pulls the little blue number from my hands, “I think this would look ravishing on you.” He holds it 

up to the front of me and I blush, Have you never worn lingerie before?” 

I shake my head no and then stare at the floor because it’s just a little less intimidating than the guy in front of me. Trip isn’t having it though as he grabs my chin with his fingers and brings my head back. up, There is no room for embarrassment in this house, Red, so you better get used to it

Yes, Trip.” 

Good girl, now, let’s get you cleaned up, shall we? Xander is running a little behind, cleaning up the mess in the kitchen.He explains

What? Xander Whitmore is actually doing some form of cleaning? I assumed he would have a staff member clean it up, I told him that I would do it.I say softly, worried that he may be mad because he’s cleaning up my mess

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Chaper 12 

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He’s perfectly capable of using a broom and mop, but he will be pissed if he gets up here and sees that you haven’t taken care of these cuts.He takes my hand and drags me into the connecting bathroom. I’m assuming that I will be sharing a bathroom with Xander, which is a little nervewracking if you ask me. Here, sit down and lift your legs. into the sink.Trip lifts me up, placing me on the vanity and then swinging my legs up and over, into the sink. I’m not sure why he was telling me to do it when he planned on doing it all himself. It’s all I can do to keep my legs closed so he doesn’t see my lady bits

Um, do you think I could at least get some panties to put on?I feel my face heat at having to ask him this, but I’d rather ask than have him. see what it is I’m trying to hide

Sorry, Red. I can’t give you any until Xander approves. He’s the one that took them away, so he’s the only one that can give them back.The grin on his face tells me that he’s enjoying this way too much. He doesn’t mind having me put into these kinds of situations whereas with Garrett, I can see that he doesn’t agree with some things at times, but he never says anything about it and still goes along with it

I have to give it to Trip, though, he does take great care as to not hurt. me even more. When he turns the faucet on, he lifts my feet, so they don’t get burned as he adjusts the temperature to the water. This makes me smile a little, and he catches me before I can wipe it from my expression

What?he asks quizzically


Don’t lie to me, Red. Why were you smiling?” 

I sigh, Really it was nothing, I just thought it was sweet of you to lift my legs so they wouldn’t get burned. That’s all, I swear



Chapter 12 

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I don’t think he was expecting that answer because he grunts and turns his attention back to my legs, but I see the slight trace of a blush creep up his face

There, they look so much better, and I didn’t find any glass embedded in any of the cuts, so you are good to go.He dries my legs off and then helps me down from the vanity, Stay right here.” 

He leaves me standing in the middle of the big bathroom. The jacuzzi tub looks so inviting and I swear that it’s calling out my name, but Trip comes backs in just as I finish my thoughts. He’s carrying the light blue baby doll nightie that he pulled out earlier

Because you have been such a good girl, I will go against my best friend and allow you undies,he holds out the scrap of material but friend and allow you undies,he 

yanks it back when I go to grab it, Only on one condition.” 

I swallow hard, worried about what this one condition is. Everything seems to be about choices here and it’s very annoying but there isn’t much else I can do if I want to survive the rest of my stay with the Kings, What is the one condition, Trip?” 

It’s nothing much. You just turn around and let me slip this on you.He holds up the teddy

I close my eyes, trying to get a hold of myself as I think over this. newest ultimatum, Can I at least put the panties on first?I open my eyes and look back up at him

His smile is big, I’m fine with that. See, Red, compromising can go a long way as long as you do it right.He winks at me and then hands. me the panties



Chapter 12 

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When I think he’s going to turn around, he doesn’t. Instead, he leans. his hip against the vanity and crosses his arms, preparing himself to watch me put the panties on. Sighing, I turn to the side, giving him a profile view, so he can’t really see my front or my back. He chuckles, knowing exactly why I’ve turned

I give him my back once I’m done, and I feel his presence at my back. when he steps up to me. His b*dy radiates heat, making my own tremble, whether it’s from nerves or anticipation, I’m not really sure. Maybe it’s from both. I hate that these guys make me feel things that I shouldn’t, but at the same time, I revel in the feeling of what they do make me feel

Pushing my hair to the other side, his fingers hook under the one strap that the dress has and slowly drags it down my arm. I can feel hist breath on my skin, and between that and his touch, I break out in goosebumps. He gives a little chuckle, but no words come out as he begins to slide the entire dress down and over my hips, letting it drop to the floor once it gets to my knees

Lift.One simple word indicating for me to lift my arms, is all he speaks. The soft whisp of material slides down my arms as he pulls it down and over my head. His fingers graze the sides of both breasts. very slowly as he continues to pull the teddy down. Once it’s on, his hands go to my hips and he leans in. There, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” 

Shaking my head, I try to calm my racing heart, No, Trip. That wasn’t bad at all.” 

Turn around and let me see, Red.His voice is S*xy as hell as the lust in it drips like honey

I slowly turn around, keeping my eyes on the floor. Trip steps back to let me fully turn, Eyes on me, Red.” 

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Chapter 12 

I lift my head and my eyes, only to meet not one, but three sets of stormy eyes staring back at me and my barely clad b*dy


The Kings of Whitehaven Her Keepers by Stacy Rush

The Kings of Whitehaven Her Keepers by Stacy Rush

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Read The Kings of Whitehaven Her Keepers by Stacy Rush Novel - Xander Whitmore Garrett Murdock Trip Huxley They are the popular guys, who are built like Gods, and drip of sin. They are the Kings of Whitehaven University… and my new stepbrother, Xander, is the leader. There is a darkness about them that I can’t quite explain, but it’s that darkness to which draws me to them. I thought that by gaining a brother, I would have someone that would look after me and keep me safe. I was wrong, dead wrong. I should have let them continue ignoring me, because once I bring attention to myself, there is no stopping them. The Kings are my bullies, or as they call themselves, my Keepers. I can’t escape them. When danger comes knocking on my door, they sweep in and move me into their house off campus.

The Kings of Whitehaven Her Keepers by Stacy Rush

They say it’s to keep me safe until the danger is over… But being in the house with the three Kings isn’t any safer. They expect payment for their protection, My b*dy is their payment. It’s their playground… The longer I’m in their grasp, the steeper the payment gets… I’m like a shiny new toy that they like to play with every day. But what will happen once I’m no longer shiny? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is a 3-part very dark college bully reverse harem romance with dark and explicit themes that some may be sensitive to. This title should be read with the knowledge that this is a fictional story and nothing that is written in this story is real. The heroes don’t start off as the heroes, and warming up to them will take time, but I think you will learn to love them in the end. As always there will still be a HEA as with all of my titles.


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