The Kings of Whitehaven Her Keepers by Stacy Rush Chapter 14

The Kings of Whitehaven Her Keepers by Stacy Rush Chapter 14

Chapter 14 

Trying to find a decent thing to wear the next morning is harder than I thought. Everything is either too short or too tight, and I don’t think they believe in me wearing any top that will cover my belly button. Since it’s Saturday, I figure I’ll go as comfortable as I can

so I choose white crop top with a pair of black biking shorts. Apparently, they expect me to exercise too, pfft, in their dreams

Having to wear just a little bit more make up than usual, due to the restless night of sleep, no thanks to the Kings, I throw my hair up in a messy bun and head downstairs at five minutes to eight. At some point. someone unlocked my door without me knowing and I really want to bring the subject up, but in all honesty, it isn’t as important as other things and I want to win the war. In order to do that, I must let them. have a few victories before I sneak up and take it all from them

As usual, I wait until everyone is in the dining room before I think about sitting anywhere because since the first day eating with them, they have switched their seats multiple times. I’m pretty sure they do it on purpose, but again it’s not a fight I want to engage in, and so I wait

You’re with me this morning, Red.” Trip grabs my hand as he walks by, dragging me behind him. Instead of pulling out the chair beside him though, he pulls me down onto his lap, I’m sorry, but after what happened last night, I feel the need to coddle you for a while.” 

I want to roll my eyes, but the other two Kings do it instead, causing a slight giggle to erupt from my lips. Trip takes it as I’m happy to be sitting here and even though it’s the complete opposite, I begin to think that this is a good time to start playing my own game. So, I lean back and make myself comfortable against his hard chest



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will be damned if I let them make me a f**king fool. Ha! They are expecting me to choose one of them to have S*x with first? Well, maybe, just maybe, I will have to play the field in order to find out who my first victim will be. By the time I’m done with the Kings, there’s going to be a bad case of blue balls going around

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Chapter 14 

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Are you going to feed me too?I give a little giggle

Would you like me to feed you?His smile really is a gorgeous one, where his pearly whites shine through.. 

Only if you want to.I bite my lower lip

His eyes drop to my mouth, and I feel a stirring below me. He doesn’t even care that I know he’s getting hard. In fact, he does a little hip thrust to make sure I can feel what I’m doing to him. His hand tightens on my hip and an unvoluntary shiver runs through me. Xander and Garrett are glaring at us, but Trip laughs it off

Don’t mind them,he whispers near my ear. They’re only jealous. because I drew the long straw.” 

I give him a confused look, The long straw for what?” 

He waves my question off, Don’t worry about it, and don’t worry about them.” 

The food is brought out and luckily, it’s sausage and pancakes. Eating the sausage may be a little fun on my end, not so much on theirs. Trip. automatically starts cutting up my pancakes with a fork and then sticks a slice with a fork before holding it up to my mouth. As S*xy as I can, I open my mouth wide and stick my tongue out slightly before closing it over the fork. I stare him straight in the eye as I take my bite

Alright, Bree,Xander grumbles, We need to go over a few things if you’re going to be staying here.” 

I’ll only be here for a couple more days. Mom and Jonas should be back soon, right?” 

Oh, did I forget to tell you? My dad called and they are extending their stay for a few more weeks.He grins as soon as my face drops 

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Спарки 14 

with this unsettling news

288 Mouchers 

I didn’t know that. I can’t impose on you three for that long, they must know this!” 

It was actually my idea.He grins a bit deviously, Besides, I think we can protect you better than my father and your mother can.” 

Have you heard from the police at all, over the letter that was left?I ask him hopeful

I didn’t realize it was taken to the police.He states a bit confused

Yes, your father took it the day they left for Paris. He said that this way they could start looking into it right away.” 

Hm, I will have to ask him which detective he talked to, so we can 

keep in contact. I’m sure they will want to know about the text too.” 

So, there was a threat sent to my text. What did it say?” 

My stepbrother swears under his breath for his slip up, Don’t worry about it. I took care of it, and you shouldn’t get anymore with this new. phone.” 

Trip goes to feed me a sausage link, so I open my mouth and take it just as seductively as I did the pancake, only this time, I keep my eyes on Xander. He watches intensely, a wild tick in his strong jaw, until Ive swallowed the whole thing, and then he clears his throat

Anyway, the rules are as follows, Bree. You will study once you get home from classes and then after dinner, you will join us in whichever room we are in, so you can be at our beck and call, shall a need for you arise. You will then go to your room by nine and be in bed by ten. The weekends are for chores. You will find a cleaning outfit hanging in your closet, for those purposes,he smirks, along with the list of 



Chapter 14 

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chores that you are expected to do.” 

Do I get any time for myself, you know, a little private time?I ask wanting so bad to laugh when his nose flares and the tick comes back in his jaw

I don’t think you need any private time, Bree. If ever you need some downtime, all you need to do is ask one of us. I’m sure any one of us will be happy to oblige.” 

Hm, if you say so,I let Trip feed me some more food, Can I ask you why I am being treated like a prisoner, stepbrother?” 

First of all, you are to never call me that again! Second, you aren’t

our ward who needs our protection, and that comes at 

you are 

a price.” 

The price of being your maid?I ask a bit snarky

He smirks, Among other things, but that’s a good start for now

Trip’s hand splays across my bare midsection, How about we finish. eating, that way you can get to do your chores like a good girl.” 


The touch of his skin against mine sends tingles straight to my core but I ignore it and take another bite as I lean back once again and let the King feed me like I’m a f**king child. It seems that’s what they plan doing with me, at least until I decide which one to fuck first. They will be waiting a long time for that to happen, so I guess I had better get used to cleaning this damn house

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The Kings of Whitehaven Her Keepers by Stacy Rush

The Kings of Whitehaven Her Keepers by Stacy Rush

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Read The Kings of Whitehaven Her Keepers by Stacy Rush Novel - Xander Whitmore Garrett Murdock Trip Huxley They are the popular guys, who are built like Gods, and drip of sin. They are the Kings of Whitehaven University… and my new stepbrother, Xander, is the leader. There is a darkness about them that I can’t quite explain, but it’s that darkness to which draws me to them. I thought that by gaining a brother, I would have someone that would look after me and keep me safe. I was wrong, dead wrong. I should have let them continue ignoring me, because once I bring attention to myself, there is no stopping them. The Kings are my bullies, or as they call themselves, my Keepers. I can’t escape them. When danger comes knocking on my door, they sweep in and move me into their house off campus.

The Kings of Whitehaven Her Keepers by Stacy Rush

They say it’s to keep me safe until the danger is over… But being in the house with the three Kings isn’t any safer. They expect payment for their protection, My b*dy is their payment. It’s their playground… The longer I’m in their grasp, the steeper the payment gets… I’m like a shiny new toy that they like to play with every day. But what will happen once I’m no longer shiny? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is a 3-part very dark college bully reverse harem romance with dark and explicit themes that some may be sensitive to. This title should be read with the knowledge that this is a fictional story and nothing that is written in this story is real. The heroes don’t start off as the heroes, and warming up to them will take time, but I think you will learn to love them in the end. As always there will still be a HEA as with all of my titles.


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