The Kings of Whitehaven Her Keepers by Stacy Rush Chapter 23

The Kings of Whitehaven Her Keepers by Stacy Rush Chapter 23

Chapter 23 

I’m curled up on my bed later on, wondering what the hell I just agreed to. This wasn’t part of the plan. I was supposed to tease them until their balls were so blue that they would explode at any given time; that’s what was supposed to happen, so how in the hell did I get roped into this agreement? They are good, too good at seducing innocents, but is it really all their fault? It’s apparent that I have no willpower to stay away from them

I’m getting to the point where I’m craving their presence more and more, so maybe, just maybe, I need to change my plan up a bit. It’s evident that they are only in this for one thing, to take my innocence, none of them are ready to settle down, so what if I give them my V- card and take from them the one thing that they treasure most, their bachelor life. I’m going to make them fall in love with me, and then I’m going to crush them all when I leave this town and place for good to go run Hillcrest. What better revenge than that? Xander Whitmore moping around over a broken heart, the love of his life yanks his heart. out and takes it with her when she goes to sit on her own throne in her own kingdom

I giggle at the thought of Xander heartbroken over me, What’s so funny?” 

What the! Why do you have to sneak into my room like that?I stare at my stepbrother’s frame in the bathroom doorway

It’s my house, I can come and go as I please. Are you going to answer my question, Bree? What was so funny?” 

I roll my eyes, I don’t have to tell you everything, Xander. I can have my own thoughts, you know.” 


Chapter 23 

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I never even see him move but next thing I know, he has me pinned to the bed by my throat. I can still breathe fine but it’s just a little startling at just how fast he can move, How about you rethink what you just said to me. You’re not allowed to have anything unless we say you can, and so far, you haven’t really earned all that many privileges.” 

Why? Why do you hate me so much, Xander?I whisper

Keeping his hand on my throat, he caresses my check, Why do you think I hate you? Do you think I would touch you the way I do if I hated you?he bites his lip, I don’t like that your mom is my father’s new whore, but I guess I wouldn’t have met you and trust me, I’ve got a lot running through my head about you, but hate isn’t one of them.” 

Please Xander, let me go.” 

The look he gives me after speaking these words is as if I’m losing my mind, I will never let you go, Bree. You won’t leave until I’m done with you and,his eyes roam down the length of me, I’m only just beginning.He stands up and stares down at me, Get plenty of rest because something tells me that you are going to be up pretty late tomorrow night.Smirking, he walks back through the bathroom to his 


When I come downstairs the next morning, the guys call me into Xander’s office before we sit down for breakfast, Good morning, Kammy.Garrett’s pearly whites shine through his smile as he gazes at 

  1. me

This may be a little easier than I thought because I’m pretty sure 

Garrett is already halfway in love with me already, but he has to show off in front of the guys. I get that, but it doesn’t make it right and he deserves my deception just the same. That’s too bad, though, because 



Chap 23 

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he can be really sweet, and he would definitely be good husband material in my grandfather’s eyes. Oh well, maybe they will think twice before betting on another female

Good morning, Garrett.” 

Did you sleep well, Red?Trip comes up and stands behind me, dipping his head into my neck and giving it a little nip

Like a baby.I respond a bit raspy 

That’s what happens when you orgasm as many times as teases as he grabs my ass

you did.He 

Leave her be,Xander scowls, She needs to read through this contract and then sign it.” 

Contract?I ask, confused

Uh, yeah. You didn’t think we would just take your word for it did you? You’re a woman, always changing your mind, so yeah, a contract, It’s legally binding, so none of us can go back on our word.” 

I take the contract from his hands and sit down in the chair in front of the desk. I read through all of our names and then finally get to all the stipulations of our agreement. My pulse races as I read about how my virginity is there’s to take and how my b*dy is pretty much their playground for the duration of my stay, which by the way is until I graduate

Wait, I’m not going back to your father’s house with my mom?” 

No, you will remain here, where you belong, with your Kings.” 

Xander states

So, with all of this in here, nowhere does it say that you will remain 


Chapter 23 

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faithful to me.” 


don’t have to. It will be our choice whether we are or not or should I say, it’s up to you, depending on how good you are and how good you treat us. You may deny us if you are too sore or if you’re ragging it, but then we have the option of finding another garage to park our semis or wait until you’re ready to take us again.Xander explains while grinning the whole time

So, I have to remain faithful to you, but you don’t have to with me, how is that even fair?” 

Life isn’t fair, sweet cheeks.Trip chuckles

Just so you know Kammy, none of us are opposed to getting our cocks bloody, so you don’t have to worry about us going somewhere else during your time of the month unless you keep it from us.” 

I’m a bit disgusted with Garrett’s statement and was hoping to at least get a reprieve during that time but I guess not. I turn my attention back. to the stipulations, and I won’t lie, the way the next one is laid out, saying that they have full access and my full consent to take me wherever and wheneve 

they want, kind of turns me on. I start thinking about walking down the hall and then suddenly one of them comes up behind me and takes me right there; if that’s not hot then I don’t know what is

The next one has me baffled, though, It says here that I consent to CNC. What is that exactly?” 

See, I knew she would be confused!Garrett states while glaring at 

his cousin

CNC is consensual nonconsent, meaning that you are offering your consent prior to any 

S*xual acts that we will do with you in the future


Chapter 73 

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We will not have to ask for permission because this contract is your permission.” 

The way Xander exp 

Xander explains it doesn’t make it sound all that bad, but why do I get the feeling that it is going to be more than what I think it will be. When I get to the end, I examine all three Kings as they stare at me in anticipation. I want to add my own stipulation.” 

Xander shrugs, You can suggest it, but that doesn’t mean we have to accept it.” 

I would like it stated that none of you will share me with anyone outside of the three of you.” 

They all growl, That’s a given, Red. You belong to us, and nob*dy else will ever get to touch you.” 

I would like to see it in the contract, please.” 

Fine,Xander types something into the computer and then something begins to print. Done deal.” 

Before I sign this, I want to know something.” 

Xander sighs heavily, What is it?” 

What was the bet you three placed about me?” 

I see a mixture of confusion and an oh shitexpression on their faces, Not sure what you’re talking about, but this contract supersedes any prior bets, so” 

That’s not what I asked,I cut my stepbrother off, I think I have the right to know what the bet was. I know it was about taking my virginity.” 




Chapter 23 

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Were you eavesdropping?Trip asks

It’s kind of hard when I’m in the bathroom and you guys are talking loud enough. It was never my intention, and I hadn’t known that I could here until it was too late. ” 

Finally, after moment, it’s Garrett who speaks up, It was nothing, Kammy. Just a dumb bet we made when you first came to stay with us, you know, typical guy stuff.” 

The other two bob their heads up and down in agreement. I know it’s more than just that but at least they aren’t denying it and that’s a start. When Xander passes me the new printed paper, I look it over and see that my own stipulation is right there in black ink and that really relieves me for some odd reason. Skimming the contract one last time, I know that I’m selling my soul to three devils, but what do I do when they won’t let me leave and they hold my future over my head every time they threaten to show more entries. I already know they won’t give them back, so picking up the pen, I glance at the three Kings one more time, then sign my name to the contract. Each of them follows suit and for just a brief moment I feel a little excitement because I realize that they are now my Kings. I will do whatever it takes to make it, so they don’t have to go to anyone else. Somehow, I have to figure out how to develop a magic f**king pussy

The Kings of Whitehaven Her Keepers by Stacy Rush

The Kings of Whitehaven Her Keepers by Stacy Rush

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Read The Kings of Whitehaven Her Keepers by Stacy Rush Novel - Xander Whitmore Garrett Murdock Trip Huxley They are the popular guys, who are built like Gods, and drip of sin. They are the Kings of Whitehaven University… and my new stepbrother, Xander, is the leader. There is a darkness about them that I can’t quite explain, but it’s that darkness to which draws me to them. I thought that by gaining a brother, I would have someone that would look after me and keep me safe. I was wrong, dead wrong. I should have let them continue ignoring me, because once I bring attention to myself, there is no stopping them. The Kings are my bullies, or as they call themselves, my Keepers. I can’t escape them. When danger comes knocking on my door, they sweep in and move me into their house off campus.

The Kings of Whitehaven Her Keepers by Stacy Rush

They say it’s to keep me safe until the danger is over… But being in the house with the three Kings isn’t any safer. They expect payment for their protection, My b*dy is their payment. It’s their playground… The longer I’m in their grasp, the steeper the payment gets… I’m like a shiny new toy that they like to play with every day. But what will happen once I’m no longer shiny? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is a 3-part very dark college bully reverse harem romance with dark and explicit themes that some may be sensitive to. This title should be read with the knowledge that this is a fictional story and nothing that is written in this story is real. The heroes don’t start off as the heroes, and warming up to them will take time, but I think you will learn to love them in the end. As always there will still be a HEA as with all of my titles.


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